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The Future of gaming by Hexfix93.



Wii U: Will be fine once nintendo releases its AAA first party software. This is how nintendo always does well. The reason why the WII U is doing poorly now is the economy and they have no first party games out. Wii proved that Nintendo does not need the 3rd party in fact hardly any 3rd party software sold on the wii and this is why developers are not really on the wii U. Yes the processor is inferior to ps4 and xboner, so are the graphics, but not by a massive amount though. The fact that there is no drm. This is a big big big plus. I also was mad about them leaving out the HDD, cause now 3rd party devs wont add map packs and dlc. Sucks. That is my biggest gripe with the Wii U. I was waiting for a great first party title to buy it, but now, I think i might buy one tomorrow. I never thought I would say it.


Ps4: The Leader of the next gen by far with one thorn in it’s side that will kill it. Best hardware, best features like sharing game video, being able to login and play any friends game from any where. Wont require online connection. Has a great first party line up of companies that make Triple A games. They are making it easier for developers to get in, and letting them price their own games. This will really help. If sony offers a good online experience, a better store, and an improved interface with cross media chat and a better game party system and its free, a lot of people will switch over to sony from WII and 360 If they come out first. Sony still has Kratos, Socom(if they want), Killzone, Little Big Planet, Future games from the people who made Uncharted. None of it will matter if they Kill used games and do DRM.


720: Microsoft is drowning in its own arrogance. Requiring an online connection to use the system. 500 for stand alone model. Then 299 model that requires a 10 dollar a month subscription for 2 years to xbox live. What a joke. So they raised the price to 120 bucks a year for xbox live. Seriously, on top of a cell phone bill, and internet bill, another 10 bucks a month to play games? Bullshit. Xbox live is what kept me away from Microsoft on the 360. Looks like this will kill them this time if Sony has cross media chat and a better party system. I will not pay 10 bucks a month for those features.. No way. not only that, the 720 is rumored to be 15 to 20% less powerful than the ps4. Microsoft has no AAA first house software companies working for them anymore. They have no face, no game that carries their company anymore. Halo is dead. The os takes 3 gbs of memory, sony’s wont. This will make games better on Ps4. I don’t trust Microsoft to make good hardware, their mice suck, their tablets suck, and the xbox 360 was the most unreliable console ever made. They suck at hardware. Most of their sales in the USA were re-buys from people buying a new xbox when theirs failed.


Tablets and Phones: Crap controls. Gimmicky touch BS. Only fun for whackamole gimmick carnival like games u play for an hr and never want to touch them again. There is no one game that could sell well. Angry Birds? BLAH. The RPGs are ok, but that wont sell any system anymore because over all RPGS have lost their magic from the old days.The games on these devices are not story immerse big budget quality like uncharted, and killzone and metal gear. This will never satisfy me.


The reason I am picking the WII U as the winner of this next Gen gaming war is this. DRM. Both sony and microsoft will use drm on used games. Meaning “no more used games”. Once you buy it, you flush all your money down the toilet, so if you don’t like it, tough, you are stuck with it, its why i will not buy another blizzard game, diablo 3 sucked and i wanted to sell it, but i could not. I will never make this mistake again. I wont buy DRM consoles or PC games ever again. If the Wii U is the only console that will not allow DRM, that is where I am going and staying. What these bozos fail to understand is that selling your used games is how most people buy their new games, so the money gets put back into gaming, and allows for more sales of games. If i cannot sell my old games, I will not be able to afford to buy very many games on a console. Its that simple. The only WAY that I will use a drm console is if the games cost 15 to 20 bucks, because that is about what i lose when I buy a new game and sell it. Then its a wash for me. That will never happen, they will continue to charge 65 bucks. DRM will kill the console market. Less games will be sold as a result, they think they are in a slump now, Wait till all the DRM takes effect. I think I will buy a wii u soon and buy a 500 gb externa HD for it. And be done with this next consoel war. I wont pay for xbox live, i dont want a tv box, i refused to support DRM, so bye bye to all the playstation exclusives and epic games. I hate to say good bye to sony, but it looks like I must.


The next generation is doomed. Well. Maybe not, I hate to say this, but the WII U might be the savior of the next generation of systems. It has the most inferior hardware, but there is no DRM. Looks like the WII U will get my money, because I doubt sony and microsoft will stop their DRM plans.

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Games: Ipad: Mirrors Edge, Hexfix93’s take.


This game is a bit strange. It reminds me of a cross between the old apple 2e Prince of Persia meets sonic the hedghog. The game is about speed, you want to rush to the end as fast as you can. The game mechanics are kind of cool, it plays by touch gestures, you swipe horizontal in the direction you wish to go, to jump swipe up, to slide swipe down while running, to jump kick swipe up the swipe in the direction you are traveling. You run, jump, climb, wall walk, jump up and down shafts by bouncing off the walls. The graphics are some of the best on the ipad so far. Kind of like an old school pc game meets dreamcast kind of look.

This is an offshoot of the  Console mirrors edge which is like a fps meets plat form game. There are 14 levels, and you can beat the game in one sitting. The saving grace is the race mode where two people can race against each other, this is really fun, it splits the screen and allows for two people to play on one iPad, very cool. Social gaming is very cool on the iPad when more than one person can put their hands on the iPad at the same time. There is also a time trial mode. The game will only set you back $12.99. It is a short game but the quality is really up the for an IPAD game. GRAPHICS; 8, GAMEPLAY: 8, SOUND: 6, OVERALL: 7.6 out of 10.