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Anime: Ergo Proxy, Reviewed by Hexfix93.



Utopia, Dystopia. a Future tale. Character driven. Interesting story. Starts kind of slow and drags in parts. But over all this is a great anime series. I love the art style. Starts out with the main character not knowing what or who he is. I don’t want to give away to much so. Any how, there are these regions in their world, with ergo proxy to watch over each. The autoraves are probably my favorite aspect of the entire story. They are personal slave robots for the rich aristocrats of the cities. Some use the autoraves to replace people. Somehow the autoraves inherit a soul and makes the humans freak out. Over all this is a very psychological anime. But don’t worry, because there is enough action stuff to keep it from getting boring. The art is well done and very end of the world looking. The music is pretty good too, I love how they use the “paranoid android by radio head” as the closing credit music.

This really makes the cyberpunk in me happy. This is definatly one of the better dark animes out on the market today. I highly recommend renting or buying this series. I give this anime a 4 out of 5. Click here to buy Ergo Proxy.

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Anime: Ghost In The Shell, Hexfix93's Take.



Cyber Fucking Punk! Even more. I love this film. I hate the animated series, it bores me to fucking death. But the movies, especially this one, is one of the best anime films ever made. A futuristic tale. It has this blade runner type of feel to it. Cyborgs. Implants. Mindfucks. It’s all here. Pretty industrial.

There is a lot of police kind of talk and investigation that happens in this. Very neuromancer influenced. All about spirits inside of robots. Fascinating. I love the characters in these movies. This is one favorite animes. This is a movie. There is a lot of cyborg nudity. I give this a 5 out of 5. Click here to buy Ghost in the shell.

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Anime: Outlaw Star, Disease Factory's Take.



Cyber Punk! I love desolate future tales. I love bounty sci fi bounty hunters and stuff like that. Even though this anime is a bit mainstream, I still liked it a lot. Some of the characters are a bit hokey, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this. As with most anime, the theme music is god awful j-pop. And please watch this in japanese with the subtitles turned on. It is so bad in english.

Hilda is one of my favorite characters in anime. Most of this stuff take place in space. Pirates, Bounty Hunters. ehehe, Pirates and Ninjas right? well, if you are a scifi geek like me, well this will entertain you for sure.


I forgot to mention cyborgs. This is a 4 dvd set. Pretty long, so it’s worth the money. I give this a 3.8 out of 5. I say rent it, and if you like it die hard like i do, then buy it. Click here to buy Outlaw Star.

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Anime: Battle Angel, Disease Factory's Take.



Cyber Fucking Punk! This is one of the things that made VAC happen. After watching the mindphazer video from frontline assembly and watching battle angel. My heart was set on Industrial music. Not just music, but the view of man and machine. Cyborgs, a ruined utopia, and anarchy. I still see this as the real future that is to come. I see a wasted environment. I see bounty hunters, I see cyborgs, and enhanced humans with bio electronics. I see the world changing so much, that it will not be able to support life the way things are now. Mankind will have to fuse itself with machines to survive the upcoming apocalypse. I still believe this. Make sure you turn on subtitles, and put it to japanese audio. The American dub is SHIT!

Battle Angle paints the perfect picture of how I see the future turning out. The anime is amazing. Came out in 1993, all I had seen at the time was akira. This is what purely sold me into anime, This vhs. I rented it from a video store on a whim. I was lucky. To this day, Gally is my favorite anime character of all time. A tiny girl with a bob hair cut. Mostly a machine.


Bounty Hunters, Cyborgs, Dystopia. My favorite fiction. I am very angry that they never finished the manga translation. This is a huge manga. This could of been stretched out a lot more than it is. Pissed off that people really failed to see the potential of all of it. I recommend checking out the manga as well. James Cameran(titanic, terminator, aliens) was rumored to be working on a live action movie based on this and the manga. I hope it still comes out, Gally will be a CG character, and the rest live action. No idea for sure though.


This is seriously my all time favorite anime. Even though it’s short, and not complete, it is still my favorite. I give this a 5 out of 5. Click here to buy Battle Angel.

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Anime: Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal, Disease Factory's Take.


samurai x 2

For those of you familiar with Rurouni Kenshin the anime series, these dvds explain his origins up to the anime series. Be prepared, you know the TV show Rurouni Kenshin is very fluffy and kid friendly for the most part, especially the american release. This is nothing like that. This is brutal, romantic, sad and gory as hell. There is a lot of blood in this anime. I saw this long before I was introduced to Rurouni Kenshin. In fact when I first saw Rurouni Kenshin the tv series, I was so angry and pissed off that it was so fluffy, I thought Samurai X was made first. But it was the other way around, Rurouni Kenshin was first, then Samurai X. So they took the fluff and made it hard core. It took me a while to warm up to Rurouni Kenshin the TV series, because I was so blown away by the blood in Samurai X.

I love Kenshin, This is an amazing tale. Very realistic in some ways. Convincing as well. The art is well done. The fights are epic. The way it portrays politics is very realistic. Awesome sword fights. Very neat characters. Parts of it do drag a tad, but it builds up the characters very well. So when the world starts to unfold, it hits you in your gut. This anime did evoke a strong sadness in me. Probably why I liked it so much.

samurai x 1

This is definitely one of my favorite anime series. This was one of the first really bloody animes that I had ever seen. In fact I love Rurouni Kenshin as well up to a point. If you are into Rurouni Kenshin , you really need to see this. I give this a 5 out of 5. GO BUY THEM! Click here to buy Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal.

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Anime: Spirited Away, Disease Factory's Take.


spirited away 2

Miyazaki is a genius. No way can disney or any other animator even come close to his brilliance. He has made many great anime movies and it was really hard for me to pick my favorite, but over all for sure, I know it’s “Spirited Away”. Please, I beg of you, only watch Studio Ghibli films in the native japanese language. Disney(disney is shit) gets crap voice actors and dumbs down the voice acting, it is the ultimate sin. Do not ever watch a Miyazaki film in english. Subtitled only! Disney ruins these films, i’m not kidding. So when you get this, turn the english off, and turn the subtitles on.

This is a very strange anime. That is what i love about it. Miyazaki always brings up nature and the environment in his movies and this is what allows me to relate to his work the most. He really cares about the earth and it shows in his films. Surreal, magical, other worldly best describes this film.


What does this film have? Cute characters that are not annoying like in american animation. An interesting and intellectual story with very cool twists. Very good animation quality. Excellent voice acting in original japanese. The cute little creatures are usually the highlights of his works. I normally hate cute stuff, but for some reason in Miyazaki’s films, I seem to really adore them.


This is one of my favorite animes. I like it way more than Akira even. Some of the scenes in this are so strange and well done it makes me feel like I am tripping or dreaming. Studio Ghibli’s films are very fantasy oriented, almost like an rpg type of story but 10 times better. I highly recommend checking this out. I give this a 5 out of 5. GO BUY IT! Click here to buy Spirited Away.