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Interviews: Sich


Sich is an electro industrial darkstep act hailing from Los Angeles, CA. I have previously featured her as a model on this site. Check them out, and spread the word if you like them! Click Here to check out their facebook band page. Hope you enjoy the Interview below :)

Hexfix93: What gear do you use?
Sich: Logic, Ableton Live, Access Virus TI, Korg Triton

Hexfix93: Favorite synth?
Sich:Access Virus

Hexfix93: Drums?
Sich:Drum/beat machines.

Sich – My Love My Murder by SICH

Hexfix93: Do you know how to speak backwards?
Sich: .evol fo egaugnal eht kaeps od I tub, on

Hexfix93: Do any of you drink blood?
Sich: Absolutely, violent blood sports during sex.

Hexfix93: If you could be a demon, what kind would you be?
Sich: Succubus (sexual predator) Fallen Angel, Poltergeist.

Hexfix93: Would you haunt a human?
Sich: Waiting to die to begin, have a blacklist. It’s simply another adventure.

Hexfix93: Do you think this world will last another 20 years?
Sich: Yes, my duality is that I love life but with realism you’re wholly aware of the existing problems. Human beings dictate the future, however many primitive qualities we possess (such as selfishness, personal gratification at the expense of others, the earth’s resources etc.) will inevitably cause us to be more destructive than not. We have the options of utilitarianism & altruism but most individuals feel no obligation to anything outside themselves, their desires and immediate life.

Hexfix93: What bands do you love?
Sich: Tim Skold, Velvet Acid Christ, Stabbing Westward, The Prodigy, Portishead, Blue Foundation, Skinny Puppy, ohGr, Wumpscut, The Shizit/Rabbit Junk, NIN, Venetian Snares, Johnny Cash, The Cure, Gary Numan.. The list is endless. I listen to all genres ranging from classical, metal, punk, EBM, industrial, rock, power noise, countless underground sub-genres as well as the generally blacklisted country & Hip-hop. I’m selective but I have no qualms admitting there’s a gem anywhere. The music on regular rotation was produced within the past 70 years.

Hexfix93: What bands do you hate?
Sich: It’s like the concept of freedom of speech, I may not condone something but instead of drawing negative attention to it I opt to focus on something else altogether.

Hexfix93: Favorite colors?
Sich: The color of your eyes

Hexfix93: If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
Sich: Cold Fusion, teleportation devices/portals, time machine, a motorcycle, a shitload of music gear, to be a cyborg, more time per day and no need to sleep.

Hexfix93: How would you like to solve piracy if there were no laws?
Sich: The bands could do as they wish to the thieving humans! On a serious note, I honestly feel that if more individuals could financially be supportive of artists, they would be. Sadly many struggling artists in less well known, more obscure/underground genres oftentimes have an equally financially stressed fan-base. I don’t have a solution. I’m going to work a regular job and not sleep to facilitate what I love until that can change. I have no expectations of profiting off art. That doesn’t mean that I approve of the situation, There are individuals/bands/projects who have embraced the inevitable (piracy) & are trying to find other ways to finance their life passion. I think we need to see how we can mutate/abuse this evil to work in our benefit.

Hexfix93: What does the future hold for Sich?
Sich: I’m interested in taking the project into a multitude of creative directions, such as introducing more trip-hop, metal, drum n’ bass/breakcore, pop elements, collaborating with other musicians, producers & featuring guest vocalists (both male & female). In essence whatever works for the tracks as a whole, I love underground genres and am genuinely interested in finding ways to better expose them to the mainstream. I also sincerely love electric guitar & metal drumming so that will be a driving factor in many upcoming tracks. I want the music to be an all encompassing sensory experience so I’m going to experiment with a number of mediums, such as visuals & doing art installation projects utilizing the music.

Hexfix93: Are you looking for a label?
Sich: If the opportunity came I would consider it.

Over and out


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Interview: Ad Inferna, by Hexfix93.


Opening words: A band I recently discovered. Blending Electronic, Goth, and Industrial with strong erotic imagery as well. Check em out on their myspace page Click here. From the birthplace of Democracy, Revolution and the Guillotine. FRANCE.

H93/EDT: What kind of socks do you guys wear?
AdInferna: Actually? Ski socks!

H93/EDT: What is the tallest building you have been in?
AdInferna:Empire State Building, New York, Manhattan, in the high turning restaurant on the top of the building in 2000.

H93/EDT: How fast have you gone before?
AdInferna:Fast as a shark

H93/EDT: Have you been visited by any ghost?
AdInferna:I am still.

H93/EDT: Who has the biggest feet in the band?
AdInferna:Don’t really know about feet size, neither about dick.

H93/EDT: List your special skills, all members.
AdInferna:I do the composition and all the music, VVA meanwhile handles speech, voices and concept.

H93/EDT: What is the most embarassing thing you have encountered in the music business?
AdInferna:When we have been chosen to feature on an extreme political music compilation when we were on the black metal scene some years ago.

H93/EDT: There is nothing like being assaulted by angry mystical leprechaun, what is the weirdest thing you have been assaulted by?
AdInferna:By some Nazis during a gig in the south of France around the year 99 if I well remember…

H93/EDT: Name 5 things that ruin your day.
– Non-inspiration
– Tangled power cables
– Blue screen during a recording session
– Awaiting for answers which never come
– To have an appointment on a big city

H93/EDT: Name 8 things that make you hard.
– Thinking about suffering animals
– Seeing animal abuse
– Frozen fingers while riding
– Riding under the rain
– Eating sand
– Taking the subway
– When you don’t know what to say
– When you don’t know what to answer to a question

H93/EDT: What drug combinations do you prefer most of all?
AdInferna: I don’t use drugs for fun but for medical reasons, so sometimes the mix between alcohol and muscle relaxant is fine… but only sometimes…

H93/EDT: Gimme a weird drug story.
AdInferna: I don’t know if it’s a weird story, but… One evening, when I was younger, I said to friends of mine that I had a few grams of coke. It was wrong because I had no money at all. So, basically, I was supposed to be the only one to have some. So, I took a dirty decision. I went into the bathroom, and I crushed the anti-depressants into powder. Everybody snorted old drugs all night long, a friend even said “oh my God it’s great…” LOL

H93/EDT: Are any of you metally ill? I certainly am LOL.
AdInferna:We are all, depending the moments. But you see you’re mentally ill when you’re alone, facing to your own existence, without anybody behind to support you, when you are afraid and you would be able to kill to stop the fear…. So, yes!

H93/EDT: Favorite smells?
AdInferna:The one of my butterfly.

H93/EDT: Favorite song?
AdInferna:The Soft Rains of April from A-HA and certainly I am One from WASP.

H93/EDT: Favorite LPs?
AdInferna: Your own (don’t tell me I am an ass licking please): Church of Acid

H93/EDT: Most fucked up thing that happened at a show?
AdInferna: It was my nightmare and it was happened: don’t remember any thing during a song. And then, you suddenly become a looser!

H93/EDT: Who has the best breath in the band?
AdInferna:Not me as I smoke too much!! I guess it’s VVA, no doubt!

H93/EDT: If you could assinate one person in the world and never get caught, who what when and why, this is fiction, no real death threats, just fantasy.
AdInferna: Last day, I came across a pic on facebook showing 2 motherfuckers happy because they had pushed a little cat, or dog, I don’t remember, to death. And they were proud of them… I can swear on everything that I deeply wish those guys are dyning in pain, torture and shame. There is still no facebook applications “kill or burn them for real” but I would like to…

H93/EDT: Do you like the scene?
AdInferna: Not so much since we are not back on stage since a few years…

H93/EDT: Who inspires you?
AdInferna: Actually, no one, for music anyway.

H93/EDT: When is your new lp due, and whats it like?
AdInferna: The new ad inferna’s album will come out over april or may 2011, and I can say unrestrained that I will be our very best album since our beginning.
Thanx a million Bryan.

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Interview: Toxic Coma, By The Fans.


egsentrick: where do you stash your bag of cats?

Gravy: in my belly button.

Image: When precisely will Toxic Coma take over the world?

The Holy One: When the pustules of snot drip from the aristocrats and liars that feed on the corpses of the wounded sack children from the southern cross county of nibbleville.

Image: Are there any plans for more Toxic Coma videos?

The Holy One: YES, Any chance we get to find messed up clips, I have access to alien recording devices that far surpass puny earthling technology that currently exist, We play on some alien orgy scenes with Krztov being strapped to a table and having spermy nanites from the zonchtu race from the actungywaybebblefaux nebula into his orifices. We also plan live nude anal bungie jumping with giant ants marching out of our mouths.

Image: Has Toxic Coma always just been made in Trackers?

The Holy One: Only on a few rare occasions has anything other than a PC tracker been used to make the most holy of holy music you refer to as toxic coma. Trackers are part of the spiritual wank that allows for us to posture in ways that would make even the most noble gods jealous.

Image: If any, what songs have you (Bryan) done vocals for?

The Holy One: Who is Bryan? There is no such member of this religion. Due to the dual nature of being in this cult, you are usually kidnapped, taken to a warehouse on the outskirts of town, tied up, and given memory erasing drugs, then the belly button and buttock feather duster tickling starts for phase one sampling, phase two sampling is moan sampling and this usually means we get out some jumper cables, attach them to dangling body parts, and run some juice. We get the most awesome groans and screams this way. Along side of eye transplants, where we switch the eyes into the other sockets with out any anesthetic. They always seem to heal up nice though.

maxencekleyten: will you concentrate now more on TC than VAC?

The Holy One: What is this VAC you speak of. Is it like a Vaccum? Does it shoot sparks and make clank noises? We Could use a machine like that.

maxencekleyten: if one day, will you do a cd like TC vs VAC?

The Holy One: Toxic Coma vs a Vaccum? This sounds like a great idea. I think we will for sure plagiarize your ideas on this for certain, but only after i have some drugs that I smuggled into India removed from my pelvis.

AudaxPowder: Are your feet strong?

Gravy: only when they step on the cheese of a defeated slitsaq.

AudaxPowder: Do you need air to breathe and follow up question, do you breathe?

Gravy: breathing your premitive earth air? phsssh. the power obtained from the cheese spilled by the slayen slitsaq is infinite. the cheese can be inserted into your penis’s urethea using a q-tip and WD-40. after full, insert your penis into your ass and fart it out like a pop gun, but only after you ejaculate the cheese deep inside your large intestine. the blast generated by the fart is enough to kick start your lungs for centuries thus enabling us to breathe without breathing.

AudaxPowder: Can any scientologists be down with Toxic Coma under modified circumstances? Explain.

The Holy One: Well I know one thing, zorganov the creator of this part of the universe was extremely cross with L ron hubby, Apparently he owes him back rent from when he lived in the zachinininiiiee sector of the alpha 7 cluster. Even jahova tried to pull a fast one like that at one time. Zorganov was happy with it and gave him reign over one part of the sphere of this pathetic planet, obviously his followers are lacking imagination and stuck in a time warp. Aiwass was really close to solving the jahova problem, but gave up instead focused on house wives with money who he could conduct sexual experiments with. Aiwass always had a passing gas problem, especially around the other sub lords who tried to rape him.

AudaxPowder: People are accusing you of anti alien sodomy (AAS), are you truly opposed or have you just accepted the one way relationship that will continue to be until proper space travel is improved upon?

Gravy: there is only one type of sodomy and it involves a chainsaw, chicken grease and glow sticks. aliens are our friends. we sodomize each other. caring is sharing.the only down side to all this is eventually you’ll get tired of pulling your ass hole out of the automatic doors at walmart. yes, walmart. space travel head quarters. located deep within the bowels of walmart. inbetween the kitchen supply & electronics isle is an hidden stripper pole. at first glance there’s nothing special about the poll but pay close attention to the nickel slot located on the bottom right hand side of the poll. inserting coins into this slot unlocks the big gaping vagina the will slide down from the ceiling and consume you. from here you will have the option to choose your destination and travel to any part of the universe.

AudaxPowder: Is it hard to write in zero-g?

The Holy One: Zero G is easy. Try writing warping on a tear in the fabric of space time, when you see 20 of you doing the same things, some forward, some backwards. The worst is when one of them farts and it gets amplified and sometimes it gets sucked back in. Some times on the cracks of space you can lose half your brain and still make wicked beats. Honestly the hardest thing was black hole jamming, that really sucks, why do you think our faces look so fucked up in our newest music video. Even worse still is when you forget to turn the heater on in space, you get snotcicles, poopcicles, and urine ice cream.

AudaxPowder: Got an album or ep in the works?

The Holy One: YES, we plan on milking ants to get the money to publish it on the internet. The Toxic Coma Donation fund is not working so well at the moment. We also promised some mean aliens that we would harvest the human race for their toe jam. Unfortunately, krztov has been eating all of it before we get a chance to send it up to them. That gross fuck eats it then refuses to brush his teeth afterwards. Krztov fucked us up so bad financially that we resorted to setting up some save the children program, the one you see on tv all the time, that is really us funding the new LP. We give some nipple pus to the kids, and take the rest of the money for toxic coma.

AudaxPowder: Is Toxic Coma getting the ipad treatment?

Gravy: ok, lets take a step back and look at the big picture now. we use ipads just like you would use a maxipad. inserted into the bleeding hole of your freshly chainsaw sodomized ass. the ipad creates a magnetic field that allows the ejaculated urethera cheese to make it to the large intestine.

Magenticka: Sources of inspiration?

TC: Baditude, Jackass, Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Stevo!, Old Butthole Surfers, The Violence and the Sacred, Gwar, The Circle Jerks, The Jack Officers, Daddy Longhead, Frank Zappa, The Residents, Ronaldo and the Loaf, Marry Poppins, Seasame Street, The Lollipokins, Napalm Death, Praxis, Severed Heads (OLD), The Legendary Pink Dots, Download, Coil(rip), PTV old, old Current 93, Nurse With Wound, White House, Brighter Death Now, Asche, Synapscape, taking turns recording the sounds of us pissing into each others ass holes, krztov’s breath, Aqua, The Spice Girls, Aphex Twin, Dr Dre, swishahouse, Pallwall, slim thug, 5000 watts, SukmyTurbin, coota bang, 50 50 twin.

thisiseg: Why is it ok to just give away TC?

The Holy One: Oh Trust me, This shit is not free, what it costs you in brain cells to listen to it is way more than you can possibly fathom. You my sir are paying for it every time it comes on.

maxencekleyten: what is your favourite song of TC? and why?

The Holy One: Absolutely it’s a toss up between My Sack is Swingin and Plague Of Babies. Malice is great too. Sack is swinging has like 70s disco guitar that is a bitch to play plus the sexy vocals. Plague of babies has monty python, buffy the vampire slayer and angel samples, plus its one of the most fucked up songs ever. Malice is just awesome to play at goth clubs. Malice has gotten djs punched in the face before. NO JOKE! The djs play it then the patrons think its really the sisters of mercy and start dancing, only to hear gimme a big beat, then our terrible parody vocals totally making fun of the song and the goths. LOL

Gravy: Into The Depths of My Nipple Hair on Radioactive Jives. This song was created back in the day when smokin crack with grandma was an everyday thing. krztov had just finished blarting out all the homeless guy cum from the night before so we shoved a microphone into his ass and pressed record. never before has there been mo solid lyrics flown from of tha mound down deep in da souf wit da brothaz wit da curls an gol teef n dey mouf.

maxencekleyten: what is your best memorie about TC? and the worst?

The Holy One: The best: When we made the song Anal Finger. We used a sampler, sampled phrases, played em backwards and learned to pronounce them backwards, then we would sample ourselves saying it backwards with a fucked up accent, then sample it and reverse it. Had so much fun. I also really loved the time we tripped lsd all night, then went to the toys are us, bought some silly puddy, and all these kids plastic instruments and kazoos and made music with that stuff. Nothing beats strapping a headphone to your face, then plugging it into the mic input and screaming sonic satan!

The Worst: This one time at band camp, Mud monster and Myself found a bag of weed, we smoked it on a coke a cola can. Within minutes, we heard the lights in the house giving off a high pitched whine, like the sound of a drill drilling into our skulls. I looked over and the Mud Monster was on the floor having a grand mal seizures foaming at the mouth and everything, i thought oh shit, this is what is going to happen to me. He sprung up, ran down the stairs then fell back down convulsing, after about 2 minutes of this, he got up like nothing happened. Scared the shit out of me. Proves that you should never do drugs you don’t know or trust. Man those solid color hallucinations were mean, I think it was laced with DMT.

maxencekleyten: i don’t remember if one day you have mentioned the origin of the name “toxic coma” if it’s not the case, can you explain us? and sorry if you have already told about it..

The Holy One: It has to do with the mode we enter into when we write the music. I invented the name, it came to me fast. We write this music in a Toxic Coma. We used to take a massive amount of mind altering substances, Then operate the trackers and let the great spirit of psychedelia take control.

[aaroN]: what tv shows can we expect to hear sampled in the next Toxic Coma?

The Holy One: The sounds of chindren screaming into the night. The captures and torture of the most annoying pop stars on planet earth.

[aaroN]: if Toxic Coma played a live show, would all of the world’s nuclear weapons go off?

The Holy One: No way, we signed a peace treaty with all nuke power nations. Only a fool would dare oppose us.

Penetraliia: who is the mastermind behind the toxic coma photoshop handiwork?

The Holy One: That would be the Mud Monster, he has long since moved on from the clan to pursue work in professional electronics anal seepage.

Deathtone: Is it true that kittens and hamsters were musical inspiration when they suddenly emerged from your butt crack????

Gravy: kittens yes, hamsters, no. when you insert a kitten into your anus, two things need to happen prior to the insertion. 1. glow sticks must be lodged somewhere in your anal cavity. 2. the chicken grease perviously absorbed from your last sodomization must still be present. once the kitten is inserted the light from the glow sticks will temporary blind the aniamal causing it to panic. when kittens panic they piss. the piss bonds with the chicken grease molecules thus allowing the piss grease to clump up and suffocate the kitten. once a kitten (who’s previously been inserted into your anus) begins to suffocate it will claw vigorously to get out. in doing so it will launch the terrestrial repeater app on the ipad which starts the toxic coma radio “save the children” broadcast which is what is used to fund our LP.

Deathtone: Will there be a Toxic Coma Musical with big dance sequences staring Hitler and Martin Luther King doing a duet?

The Holy One: We hate political figures of any kind and promise to never even acknowledge any of them.

oscuro: If there was a TC song that just had to be heard during a wedding party, what would it be and why?

The Holy One: Toilet Song hands down. Nothing like the sounds of puke, piss, shit, and toilet flushing in a barrage of flatulence. This is perfect music to have vows to.

oscuro: Given the opportunity, who in the world would you like to contribute with in creating a TC tune? (My personal pick would be Ohgr ;p)

The Holy One: We only demand the absolutely talentless people of planet earth to be forced by anal probe to write the musings that you hear. Never, and I mean never will we use stars, or famous people, they just are not cool enough to be blessed by this project.

Johannes: Please describe in detail the look on Stefan Herwig’s and Johan van Roy’s faces when you played them Toxic Coma’s state of emergency cover with the saxophones pretending like it was the official VAC cover for suicide commando. Did Johan by any chance look even worse than he normally does?

The Holy One: We were told they had the look of dismay, that they could not believe it. The Germans we knew of always said toxic coma was too weird. Is their such a thing? What a bunch of shit. In fact they refused to release it. What a bunch of shit. Its the best Remix that band has ever had.

Jeremy M: What is your favorite (and most commonly used) synth be it VST or not and why?

The Holy One: Trilogy. MY all Time Favorite. Big Fat Tight Bass. In yer face. Real gear? Virus A for digital, and Jupiter 8 for analog.

Jeremy M: ‎….and what’s the weather like out there?

The Holy One: Its very cold in space these days, background radiation is not up to snuff, gorgonians keep sniffing that shit to get high, its ruining space. To bad the sun for earth is about to explode, it was nice knowing all you earthlings.

Collin Pearsall: what was tc’s most memorable moment?

Gravy: when i punched you in the face.

The Holy One: I would say the production of Psychophreak for me, always hanging out with Mucoid Man, Sampling buffy, Angel, Monty Python, and when Mud Monster was sampling dr who and all these weird horror films. I was always hanging out with Mucoid man, and Mud Monster. For me, those were the greatest times of my life.

Dean Cook: How much of Toxic Coma is drug fuelled, if any?

The Holy One: You have to ask? In the early years drugs were mandatory. The truth be told, we messed ourselves so much on them, now we don’t even have to take them to really see the world in weird ways. Sober for me, is like drugs for a normal person. Drugs for me is like outer space slipping through dimensional walls for me.

Carissa Patanjali: How did Toxic Coma come to be? Before or after VAC? And what was/is the inspiration for TC? How does it in YOUR opinion differ from VAC?

The Holy One: Toxic coma WAS FIRST. It Took place when I was a wee pup. I remember it well. Sir Gloopy and I hung out. I knew him from highschool. He and I had been messing with music tracker and chip trackers to make music for crack screens when we used to work with a crew that cracked atari ST software. This is how we got into music. One day, I went over to Sir Gloopy’s apartment, he had his amiga set up with a tracker, he loaded up oxygene by jean michael jarre, we got on a bbs, and downloaded toilet sounds, farting, belching, puking, pissing and shitting, and this really lame sound that went “WEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, he and i replaced the sounds in that song, hit play, and the toilet song was made by accident. We had no idea what we were getting into. This floored us, we could not stop laughing, being drunk off everclear really helped us understand our future in toxic coma. I remember naming the project fast, because we used to get so wasted that we couldn’t move, then we would attempt to write music with trackers, the results were um. LOL what ended up being all this. Sure we stepped up to psychedelics, and this is what set it all in motion. We were class clowns, we told jokes, and always messed around and played video games. Gloopy was a guitarist as was I(we used to sit around and play metallica, u2, the cure, and lots of hair metal crap on guitars), but when we learned how to use trackers, it forever change how we viewed, wrote and appreciated music. We had drugathons, we tried to take more than each other, smoke more, dose more and try to make music. Soon Lord Meah got in on it, So it was mostly me and Lord Meah for a while, then Mucoid man, and Mud Monster got in on it. Gloopy played a menial role after a while. We tried to make eachother laugh, sample the most fucked up weird shit, and make the strangest weirdest shit we could, to fuck with our drug trips, we would try and give each other bad trips, or blow your mind with mindless humor and things that just sound wrong and soul damaging. This was our way of life in our personal group, it was a big competition to get the lamest sounds, the silliest samples, and out do each other on fucking with our heads on drugs. It was like all week we would all work on shit, then the weekend would come, we would copy games and trade songs on the atari. Ah the good old days.

Jovany Hernandez: Have you heard any airwaves playing TC or someone random listening to it? If so, in what form and what tune?

Gravy: none so far. toxic coma is still one of those undiscovered secrets. to be honest, i dont think that the general population could handle toxic coma. they would simply explode outward from their asses.

Jovany Hernandez Who were involved in the glorious creations of Stumphumper and Zombie Sex?

The Holy One: Stumphumper is moi. Zombie sex was mostly me as well. Elegia was around for some of it and helped with some of that lp. He did some stuff on Zombie Sex, strings.

Jade Reclusive: what is the best drug combination to make music on?

For Toxic Coma. greeny bongy. Sometimes other weird psychedelics. Some times drunk. Mostly Green stuffs. I lied, PCP. Yup PCP is how were wrote it all, sometimes mixing it with strong street LSD. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. THE PCP KETAMINE COKTAIL WAS A BITCH. DEMOROL AND CRACK WAS FUN TOO. WE HAD SPACE DRUGS AS WELL, WEIRD METEOR DUST, and sand from mushmimaria, this shit would melt half of your brain stem, and make you speak in tongues out of your genitalia holes.

Jade Reclusive: how did the other members occupy themselves whilst one of you was making the music on the computer?

Gravy: well, considering that for the most part we’re fairly productive assembly of musical geniuses, we’ve developed a technic that allows the penises of an “active” TC member to be inserted into an aluminum casing if you will and then plugged directly into an electrical socket. the shock received from using this technic produces an internal shart (amoung other side effects) that can be released at any time as long as your ass flaps cooperate. this shart can be used cover krztov “inactive” from face to stomach while he’s sleeping considering that he’s the only one that isn’t being productive.

Jade Reclusive: any interesting / funny stories whilst on drugs and producing music?

The Holy One: This one time, I was seriously trying to make music, I was on like a quarter bag of shrooms. Mostly dust, and I was so wasted i could not tell what the fuck was going on around me. Lord Meah would sneak in a small boom box that ran on batteries, he kept putting on this halloween sound fx tape for trick or treaters randomly, and I had no idea where it was coming from because of how twisted my vision was from the shrooms. I would finally find it and turn it off, then he would move it when i wasn’t looking and turn it on again and I would search for it, it freaked me out so bad, I thought night of the living dead was going to happen, i was looking out windows and expecting zombie hordes. I found him hiding from me in fear of his life in the closet, i told him if you do that again, i will end you. I didn’t mean it, but he was so scared, but i was even more freaked out because I thought some of the spirits from that recording had possessed my brain and was making me crave brains. I eventually stuck my face in a toilet and washed away my sins, we crawled back to my house and listened to vortex and tripped out.

Jade Reclusive: if toxic coma had a couple of million dollars to do a music video – what would the music video be about and look like?

The Holy One: We would have monster faces, we would break dance, and dance like boy bands. We would eat souls, drink gasoline, fart fires on villages, trample football players, we would herd up the hicks and make them play sports till their limbs fell off, no breaks, we would be fascist, issue licenses to breed, we would clean up the streets with alien police. We would dominate the earth and subjugate the masses to our foul smells.

Jade Reclusive: if toxic coma ever did a live show what would we expect to see?

The Holy One: It would be a Disaster of Monumental Extravagance. We would want our spaceships, a lot of our alien friends on stage, we would want to have dimensional shifters and string particle generators on stage, we would want to tear a hole in space to let in huajga funk in from other dimensions so they could play with your brain molecules and rearrange your dna. It would be like an inter dimensional science experiment with drugs and alien technology. Trust me, you would not want to be anywhere near it, unless you like danger that is.

bajskorv: I don’t understand “trackers”. What are they? Are they just software sequencers you use to write songs via MIDI with actual hardware synths? I always thought the synths in “Doom” were awesome. What was I listening to?

The Holy One: You obviously miss this Hexfix93’s Renoise Tracker Review. This explains. Yes doom was renoise, with tons of software synths, trilogy, atmosphere, korg legacy, superwave, and a few others.

bajskorv: The original members: where are they now?

The Holy One: One of them fell to jahova never to bee seen or heard from again. One of them became a techno janitor for servers, The other joined some local bads somewhere and lost his godly powers. Another one moved to Iowa and is currently fucking pigs and doing nothing, Another left to do emo cure like music, he also lost his godly powers. Those who leave, lose their godly powers. Who cares, the new members have the weird thing covered, can make music too. So I am happy with krztov and Lunggravy. I hope Mucoid man comes back from iowa and pulls his head out of his ass and regains his godly powers.

bajskorv: If Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension was being made today, what Toxic Coma song would the Hong Kong Cavaliers be playing in the concert scene?

The holy one: Easy, Ballscratcher. Followed by Jisim blower. People with funk in their trunk dig those songs for sure.

bajskorv: Burning Man?

The Holy One, Those people are way to normal for toxic coma. That lalapaloosa after party is boring. Fucking hippies.

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Interview: Prometheus Burning by Hexfix93.


Intro by VAC: I have heard a lot about some of the new bands, from a lot of drama i experienced from doing an interview with a certain someone that turned out to be a big mistake. It opened this huge can of worms. That is how I first discovered this band. So yeah, I went out and listened, and really liked what I heard. They are synth enthusiasts like myself. Finding out we have a lot in common. Very cool band(noisy industrial, brutal, fetish, blood, dirt), I wish I had discovered them sooner. Any how I took some time to pick their brains. Interview is below.

VAC: How are you doing?

Nikki: I’m doing well in this flesh prison 😉 On a creative binge
lately. Working on the next Prometheus Burning album. A few circuit
bending projects in the works. Performing with the Bridge City
Bombshells burlesque troupe. I’ve also started a new series of art
pieces made out of dolls that I mutilate and display in real
horrorshow fashion.

Greg: I am doing well I suppose. 2009 was a hectic year. Lots of eye
opening and life changing events unfolded all at once. I am not sad to
see this last year pass and look forward to 2010, as well as finishing
up our next album which is in the final stages of production.

VAC: What inspired you to make music initially?

Nikki: When I was around thirteen I was exposed to Industrial music.
Around this time I was learning to play the Piano and experimenting
with my Casio keyboard. Industrial seemed the most natural path for me
to take with my music, as my childhood sound experiments always led me
to tune into the noise and listen from within. I like music that makes
people look inside themselves. That’s what I strive to create. That
connection in the first Industrial music I discovered helped save me
from the isolation I felt. It gave me something to connect with when I
had nothing else. I’ve made art using various mediums all my life, but
have found music to be the most powerful. Music has the ability to
instantly effect the emotions and mental state of the listener. This
phenomenon and my sensitivity to it is what sparked my interest in
making music. The ability to amplify and transfer energy and emotion
through sound.

VAC: What is the main theme of your band?

Greg: We try to infuse each song with as much depth, subliminal
themes, and jagged emotional fragments as possible. We strive to make
Prometheus Burning something different by encapsulating as much of
ourselves and the things that inspire us, frustrate us, scare us, and
enlighten us. The more that we put out there and expose of ourselves,
the more like minded individuals we encounter. People with similar
thoughts, feelings, interests and ideals that find something they can
relate to within our music. I suppose you could say Prometheus Burning
is more of a project than a band. An experiment which we are
conducting upon ourselves, hoping that in the process we might just
learn something greater about the dimensions inside us and around us,
while inviting others to take part if they so desire.

VAC: How do you go about making music?

Greg: Set and setting is very important. Finding the right state of
mind is also key. I have found over time that my most creative moments
are when I first wake up and am still in a dreamlike state, or very
late when I am getting tired. Sometimes even altered states of mind
brought on by sickness has aided in our creative process. We recorded
the basic structures of our first album “Influenza” while I was very
sick with the flu. I would wake up from a fever dream and stumble into
the studio to capture the sounds in my head while Nikki would be
working on the melodic elements or the occasional vocals found on that
album. We also rely heavily upon concepts with our albums, and try to
shape the music around them. With our “Beyond Repair” album, we both
delved into our painful childhood memories for inspiration. We would
read our old personal journals, poems, sketch books, confronting old
demons and deconstructing years old mental scar tissue. It was a
difficult and emotionally taxing album to create, but one that we felt
was necessary for us to move forward. For our recent release “Plague
called huMANity”, we wrote down notes detailing an entire fantasy
story of a girl named Nyx and how she brings about the end of the
world. We then used this story as a blueprint for the lyrics and
music. Nikki and I feed off of each other when in the studio.
Sometimes a song will start from one of her poems or synthlines, other
times from a beat or sequence of noise from me. Our formula is
continuously changing and evolving.

VAC: What gear do you use?

Nikki: Access Virus Ti. Bugbrand AudioWeevil08. Akai r-50e drum
machine circuit bent by Alien Devices. Yamaha VSS-30 circuit bent by
myself. Eurorack modular system consisting of modules from Harvestman,
TipTop, Doepfer, Flight of Harmony, Make Noise, WMD, and Livewire for
the most part. Boss effects pedals and rack mountable units such as
the FZ-2 and SE-70. Lexicon MX200 delay. Freakshow Digilog delay. King
Capital Punishment devices. JoeMeek SixQ compressor. Theremin.
Electric Violin.

VAC: What is your favorite Instrument?

Nikki: The Virus Ti. I spend more time with it than anything else in
the studio. There are so many possibilities. I can get lost inside it,
spending hours crafting sounds. I love the modular too but nothing
beats being able to save my patches.

Greg: Our modular system “The Beast”. I like the level of
customization and openness you get with modular. We are constantly
expanding and changing our system, swapping modules for others we find
more intriguing. I especially enjoy the interface, manually patching
the cables and tweaking out.

VAC: Do you like playing shows?

Nikki: I definitely enjoy playing live shows and feel the concepts of
Prometheus Burning really come alive on stage. During our live shows I
get to use not only our music, but my body, motion, visuals, and
symbolism to express myself and our art. There are so many more levels
of expression at my disposal live than when we are in the studio. What
I love most is connecting with the audience though, and being totally
free and raw in front of them. Each performance is like a
transformational experience for me. I tend to loose myself in the
moment. I often recall shows afterward as if they were vivid dreams.
The last tour was our most extensive. We did twelve shows in two weeks
and traveled across the Midwest, the East Coast, and even a bit down
South. It was a life changing experience that has inspired me greatly.
I look forward to touring more in the future and playing as many shows
as possible.

Greg: Yes and no. I have a condition called “Panic Disorder” and live
shows can really be difficult for me because of it. Where as Nikki
finds freedom on the stage, I consider the studio to be more my
element, away from the crowds I am often a complete mental wreck the
entire day of our performances. But nine times out of ten, I am always
glad we did the show in the end. When things come together and an
enthusiastic audience gathers to lend us an open ear for an hour or
so, it can be quite powerful. That’s when you know people are not only
listening to the music, but they are feeling and experiencing it right
along with you. There is nothing greater than that.

VAC: What is the funniest experience you have had while touring?

Nikki: We both agree on this one. I’ll let Greg explain…

Greg: After our final show on the “It Ain’t Dead Yet” tour in Atlanta
Georgia, Kellie Laplegua took me, Nikki, Matt of Caustic, and Brian
and Katja of The Gothsicles to a little joint called “The Clermont
Lounge”. This place is not your typical stripper bar by any means, and
felt like something straight out of a John Waters film. It was trashy
as hell and we all felt right at home. At one point a dancer old
enough to be my grandmother came over to us and gave Brian a strip
tease and a lapdance. Shortly after that, another dancer by the name
of Blondie came over to us and offered a dance. Blondie was an
overweight older black lady with huge sagging tits and long blond
curls. After doing her dance, she crushed one of our beer cans with
her giant tits (which Matt Caustic had her autograph and kept as a
souvenir), and then proceeded to smash me in the face with those huge
sagging tits. She was hitting me in the face so hard I saw stars. I
thought she was going to knock me the fuck out. I stank like her cheap
perfume the entire drive home from Atlanta to Pittsburgh. Everyone
shared some hardcore laughs at mine and Brian’s expense.

VAC: What is your favorite hair style?

Nikki: I’ve had many hair styles; shaved, hawked, dyed… loved them
all but I really like the style I’ve recently cultivated. Long hair,
pointy bangs, pin straight or teased to giant proportions. I couldn’t
name a favorite. All depends on how it’s worn. I like it when hair
expresses one’s individuality and creativity.

VAC: Where is your favorite place to shop for clothing?

Nikki: My favorite places to shop are the Goodwill and Thrift stores.
I enjoy modifying second hand leather and vintage items for myself. I
find some really unique items. For the “It Ain’t Dead Yet” tour I had
a custom outfit made by Artifice Clothing. I’ve also commissioned
Weary Drearies, and am currently collaborating with a local designer
Emilee Kohan of Lucid Wear on an outfit I designed to use for future
shows. We also make it a point to shop at NorthBound Leather every
time we visit Toronto.

VAC: I’ve noticed you guys are into circuit bending, elaborate please.

Nikki: Bending for me is an intuitive art. I find it cathartic to sit
down and mutilate circuitry, pushing old toys and forgotten
instruments to make new sounds they weren’t intended to make. My most
recent project, the Yamaha VSS-30 aka “little devil”, has seen a lot
of use since its rebirth. We strive to craft a unique sound and these
custom devices aid us in achieving our goal.

VAC: Who are your main inspirations?

Nikki: I’ve been inspired by many nameless faces as well as those
close and distant. Some are famous people who have altered my
perception of reality, reinforced what I feel at my core and have
inspired me artistically. Those people are: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge,
Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christopherson, John Balance, Nivek Ogre,
cEvin Key, Al Jourgensen, Bjork, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin,
Timothy Leary, Clive Barker, H.R. Giger, Aleister Crowley, Austin
Osman Spare.

VAC: List your top ten favorite LPs.

Coil – The Ape of Napels
Skinny Puppy – The Process
cEvin Key – Music for cats
Front 242 – Geography
Converter – Blast furnace
Numb – Language Of Silence
Gridlock – Further
Ministry – Twitch
Portion Control – Filthy White Guy
Ah Cama-Sotz – 10 Years Bat Vibez

Coil – Loves Secret Domain
Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante
Venetian Snares – Doll Doll Doll
Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
Ministry – The Land of Rape and Honey
Skinny Puppy – The Process
Noise Unit – Decoder
Download – The Eyes Of Stanley Pain
Tarmvred – Ileus
Somatic Responses – Touching the Void

VAC: List your Top 5 favorite movies.

Heavy Metal
Firewalk With Me
A Clockwork Orange

Natural Born Killers (directors cut)
A Clockwork Orange
Bladerunner (directors cut or final cut)
Jacobs Ladder
12 Monkeys

VAC: List your favorite books.

Hatchet – by Gary Paulsen
The Great and Secret Show – by Clive Barker
The Illuminatus! Trilogy – by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson
The Law Is For All – by Aleister Crowley
Wreckers of Civilization – by Simon Ford

Imajica – by Clive Barker
Design for Dying – by Timothy Leary
Invisible Monsters – by Chuck Palahniuk
The Ultimate Evil – by Terry Maury
Media Virus! – by Douglas Rushkoff

VAC: If you could change anything about the scene, what would it be?

Greg: We believe that by dedicating ourselves to our art, we already
are working to change the scene toward our own personal vision of it.
The definition of Industrial and the expectations of “the scene” mean
different things to different people, and the argument is a long dead
and well beaten horse. There is a definite rift between certain
mindsets within the community. A community which has been greatly
weakened by this lack of a common ground to stand upon anymore. In
fact, some of the most “Industrial” music we have heard or experienced
live over the last few years at shows or a Midwest warehouse party has
come from outside the scene. Certain artists and albums and events
being labeled as Breakcore, Dubstep, Power Electronics, Technoid, etc,
but containing more abrasiveness, creativity, anti-pop elements, and
DIY Industrial ideals than most of the releases found on some the
biggest Industrial and EBM labels out there at the moment. Most of
what is being slapped with the Industrial brand name these days is
sterile. Conformed. Accessible. Systematic. Assimilated. Predictable.
We are disappointed, certainly, and wish to see the return of more
intelligent, interesting, creative, and challenging music as the
“common ground” that we can all stand upon once again.

VAC: What kind of vocal effects do you use?

Nikki: Not trying to sound vague, but we experiment with literally
anything in the studio that can process audio. Hardware or Software,
if it has an input, we’ve jacked a microphone into it. We’ve been
having fun using the “The Beast” for vocal processing lately, as well
as Native Instruments Guitar Rig. We ended up selling all of our TC
Electronic hardware. We tried using their Fireworx and VoiceWorks
units, but found them too limiting for our type of vocal

VAC: Where do you hail from?

Greg: Hello from the gutters of Pittsburgh, which are filled with dog
manure, vomit, stale wine, urine, and blood.

VAC: How did your band come together?

Nikki: Synchronicity. Fate. Call it what you will.

VAC: Are you into comics?

Greg: I used to read “Heavy Metal” religiously and collected every
Clive Barker related comic I could get my hands on. Every so often I
pick up a manga or graphic novel or art book if it catches my eye. I
have always been into the erotic side of art more so than action types
of comics. I grew out of “Wolverine” and “Spiderman” quickly, and
started exploring erotic graphic novelists like Milo Manara, or
erotica photographers like Eric Kroll at a very young age. The guy at
the comic book store used to tell me “as long as you parents don’t
show up here to bitch at me”, he would sell me whatever weird shit I
would find interesting in the Adult section.

VAC: If you could pull off the ultimate prank on someone, who would it be, and what?

Nikki: If we told you it would ruin everything…

Check out their sites!

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Interview: Mindless Faith.


Opening Words: Very happy with the remix they did for “Caustic Disco” I wanted to help promote them more because they did such a good job for me. My buddy krztov introduced me to them, and one of the guys goes by mindcage on the game Socom on the ps3, I have played a few rounds with him. Any how, they hail from DC. They question the mainstream, they have rage and disdain, something that is lacking in the world these days. The have been in video games like Project Gotham Racing 3 on the 360. They won a NIN remix contest and got to hang out with Trent. This band seems to do it all.

VAC: How are you doing?

Exeris: Angsty as usual… you’d think it’s a job requirement.

J: Sober, unfortunately. But I’m trying to fix that.

VAC: What’s in the works?

Exeris: We’re about to release the 2nd album for our side project Grains of Sound… it’s a 3 volume CD release of music for altered states – one ambient, one downtempo, and one uptempo.

J: We also have a Mindless Faith remix album that’s underway.
It’s just more shit like we’ve always done, but with a more club-oriented focus like the VAC remix. Songs that are too outside the box don’t get a lot of traction, so why fucking bother?

VAC: What got you into industrial and goth music?

Exeris: A dark soul and hearing it via skateboarding friends

MindCage: Probably just hearing bands like NIN/Ministry back in the day and a lot of the bands that were on Fifth Column.

J: My brother said it would get me lots of money and pussy. I didn’t realize he was being sarcastic.

VAC: What do you think of the scene?

Exeris: still too stuck in the 80s.

J: Goth isn’t dead, it just deserves to die.

VAC: Favorite web site?


MindCage: or

VAC: What DAW do you use and why?

Exeris: Now using Ableton Live. We used Cubase up until 2004, but it wouldn’t let you do simple things like re-ordering the fx chain.


Exeris: Whatever works… there’s usually problems with both.

VAC: What do you think about world politics right now?

Exeris: Well, we’re pretty much fucked

VAC: The united states?

Exeris: Very fucked

VAC: What is the strangest thing you are into?

J: Making guitars sound like synths

Exeris: and making synths sound like guitars.

VAC: List your top ten favorite lps.

Dead Kennedys – In God We Trust
Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come
Metallica – Master of Puppets
Alien Sex Fiend – Another Planet
Future Sound of London – Lifeforms
Ministry – Land of Rape and Honey
God Speed You! Black Emperor – Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
Tom Waits – Bone Machine
The Binary Marketing Show – Destruction of Your Own Creation
Aphex Twin – Select Ambient Works Vol II

The Cure – Pornography
Social Distortion – Mommies Little Monster
Nine Inch Nails – Downward Spiral
VA – (Instinct Records) CHILLOUT Phase Two
Fields of The Nephilim – The Nephilim
Gullwing’s Inside Out skateboarding video soundtrack
TSOL – Revenge
Descendents – Somery
Agent Orange – Living in Darkness
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden

VAC: Who is your biggest Influence?

J: Vodka

Exeris: and other intoxicants

MindCage: Billy Ocean.

VAC: What are you reading these days?

Exeris: The writing thats been on the wall for a while now.

J: Not much. Maybe Shel Silverstein now and then. I only have a limited
amount of time, and I’d rather just write and record more music.

VAC: How does your band operate? Who does what?

Exeris: I make Jasin do everything, and then Rick takes all the credit.

VAC: Do you have a formula on how you start songs?

Exeris: do something cool, rinse, lather, repeat.

MindCage: I think Jasin’s formula is vodka, beer, Twinkies, back to vodka. Then he usually starts a song.

VAC: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

MindCage – Back to the Netherlands.

Exeris: Yeah, I’d love to go back to Holland, but I’d go many other places too.

J: I’d stay home in my studio working on music… I don’t like to go anywhere.

VAC: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Exeris: Chocolate chip cookies and blondes.

J: Vodka.

Mindcage: The Golden Girls.

VAC: Favorite food?

Exeris: aloo cabbage.

MindCage: Moroccan or Thai.

J: Vodka.

VAC: Dark and old, New sinister and cyber?

Exeris: The best elements of each blended together.

MindCage – Definitely over the cookie monster vocals “hellektro” or whatever goofy genre you want to call it.

VAC: Favorite art?

Exeris: Giger.

J: Whatever other people find distasteful.

VAC: Favorite movies?

Exeris: I Heart Huckabees.

J: Mulholland Drive.

MindCage – Devil’s Advocate or maybe Swordfish.

VAC: If you could punch one person in the face as hard as you could,
who would it be?

Exeris: Wow, are you reading my mind? I’ve been bitching lately how
I’d like to punch God in the face, if he exists, I mean what kind of a
gift is a life of suffering. If not God, any corrupt power elite will do.

J: Exeris

MindCage: Bryan Erickson for when he snipes me on SOCOM. I kid…

VAC: Thank you guys for taking the time to answer my silly questions. Good luck in the future. I hope some day I can return the favor on the remix. Who knows maybe we can tour together some day. I’m open. Any how. If you like what you read and hear on this page, go buy some stuff from this band. Click Here to buy music from Mindless Faith.

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Interview: Unter Null


Intro: One of the elite female heroines of the gothic industrial dance scene over the past 7 years. Her self created project started back in 1998. She started out power noise and evolved to incorporate a more ebm dance theme into the act. Signed to Alfa-Matrix(a belgian label, with other acts: front 242, Leæther Strip, Ayria, Hungry Lucy) in 2005. With 3 lps under her belt, she has proved to be very relevant in the EBM-GOTH-INDUSTRIAL-DANCE scene. Click Here to check out their myspace page.

VAC: How are you doing?

UN: I’m doing really well! I’m in a great state of mind these days… The past year has been extremely rough and it’s nice to finally see a bit of light at the end of this long and dark twisted tunnel.

VAC: What are you working on currently?

UN: Right now, I’m working with my live band members for a huge show we have coming up next week with Nitzer Ebb. It’s a pretty big deal for me, because it’s in my home-town, and, well, it’s with a band that has been so influential to electronic music, so it’s quite an honor to be playing with them. Besides that, I’m wrapping up my next Unter Null album “Moving On”, which I’m very proud of, some of my best work to date… and I’m also finishing up the next album for my Stray project, which is going to be all kinds of epic. I’m also starting to book a tour in Europe for 2010- it will be REALLY nice to get back overseas, I have missed Europe dearly, especially Italy.

VAC: How did you come up with the band name?

UN: Years and years ago… I thought “Unter Null” would be a funny self-detrimental title – literally translated it means “Below Zero” but I also interpret it as “Below Nothing”. The name stuck and just kinda rolls off the tongue easily now.

VAC: Are you excited to be opening for Nitzer Ebb?

UN: Ha, as stated above — very much so :) I’m a huge fan… And luckily I’ve seen them play before over in Europe and it was just an incredible experience to see these legends perform.

VAC: What other acts have you played live shows with?

UN: Oh, God… A lot :) I’ve toured in Europe with good pals XP8… Other bands in Europe I’ve performed with (as either opening band or headliner, that is) have been Suicide Commando, Reaper, …and of course some festivals where there were numerous acts on the bill. In the states, I did a US tour last year with C/A/T.

VAC: Do you like performing live?

UN: I love it – it is the ultimate catharsis for me…. As my songs are all quite personal, being able to perform them live and let all that rage and emotion out is just awesome for me. Being on stage brings out a whole other side of me that I can’t really channel in my day-to-day life; I become fearless and ready to take on anything. It’s especially great when you have an audience that is right there along with you and you get so much energy from their enthusiasm. I love it.

VAC: Of all the shows you have played, what town was the best?

UN: Some of my favorite places to perform have been: Russia (St. Petersburg, Volgograd, and Moscow); Copenhagen, Denmark; New York City… those are the places that really stick out in my mind..

VAC: What is the worst pick up line you have gotten from a groupie?

UN: Oh, god. I once got this weird long rambling email about someone who wanted me to take photos of my feet for their boyfriend because they both had a foot fetish and it would be ‘an honor’ to have pictures of my feet. Uh, what?!
I don’t really have ‘groupies’ though… And how do you distinguish groupies and fans? It’s kind of a fine line, isn’t it?

VAC: Most memorable tour moment?

UN: Just one?
Let’s see…
Getting 50 drink tickets in Champaign, IL…That was pretty amazing.
Actually, the entire US tour last year is what spawned the parody project I have called “Afterparty”…

VAC: Is it true, you are going to be the female Gordon Ramsey?

UN: Well, my day job is cooking… It’s my other passion besides music. I attended culinary school and all that… I love to cook, and evetually I’d like to run my own restaurant where I call the shots. I don’t know if I have it in me to be a total asshole to fellow workers though… But I can be pretty demanding for perfection. We’ll see =)

VAC: Will you start a restaurant called “Below Freezing” ?

UN: That’s a brilliant idea, Bryan… If I use that name, I will so credit you on that. I still haven’t come up with a good name for a restaurant… I was kind of thinking of “Uber Noodle”. Where I sell really cold noodles…

VAC: I heard you had a studio fire, was this because of cooking school?

UN: HAHA!!! No. I had a fire last year on Christmas, it was completely devastating. Took out my entire music studio, and the entire upper floor of our house… I lost so many things. Luckily all material items and we were safe, but we had to live in a hotel for a couple of weeks while they rebuilt the upper floor. And thank god for homeowner’s insurance!!
What had happened was, earlier that evening I was recording the vocals on the collab track I did with Leaetherstrip, and had some candles lit. Before I finished for the evening, I blew out the candles… well, they were those little tealight candles, and supposedly they have a tendency to fucking relight. Amazing what one stupid candle can do. The weird thing was, the candles weren’t even near anything flamable..

VAC: Forgive the bad joke.

UN: Just try to offend me. :)

VAC: What gear did you lose in the fire?

UN: Luckily, my harddrives WERE refurbished… amazingly. I lost 2 MIDI controllers, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, an Alesis Ion, my external audio card, all my cables, 4 microphones (3 condensors, 1 dynamic), 3 books full of lyrics that can never be replaced, fuckkk… a lot of other stuff that I had listed down for the insurance company but can’t recall off the top of my head. I think it’s something I try to block out.

VAC: What is your favorite synth?

UN: Right now I’m drooling over the Roland Juno D… What a sweet, sweet synth that is. I still love the Alesis Ion; it packs a serious punch. These days, however, I’m using mostly virtual synths. One of these days I will rebuild the hardware part of my studio :)

VAC: What do you use to make music?

UN: Currently: I use Logic Pro 9 as a DAW, an M-Audio Axiom 61, AKG Perception 420 condensor mic… and a fuckton of AU plugins :) I still have a huge crush on all the NI instruments…some of the best for virtual instruments. NI Massive is on my favorite lists these days, as well as Kontakt.

VAC: You are classically trained, do you ever play more organic instruments like piano or cello?

UN: I’ve played piano since I was 3… I also play cello to some extent, viola, guitar, bass. I would LOVE to someday become more coordinated so I can play the drums. I have a hard time with the feet-hands thing. I also would love to learn to play the Oud… But according to a friend it’s one of the most difficult instruments to play, and he’s been playing for 5 years..

VAC: Despite your antzen and noise influence, you seem to have a ton of melodic musical talent. What makes you like Noise?

UN: My love for noise has died down a bit in my old age… But I still just love the power and harshness behind some of the good tracks. Just complete, utter rage… At least that’s what it sounds like to me. I love the extremes of things. I took Unter Null in a more melodic direction, though, because of my love for melody… and it’s a tricky thing to combine melody and noise, but I’ve tried.

VAC: I love some of the acts like Immanent Starvation. I love synapsescape and Asche, I often beat mix that stuff in when I dj. But honestly, I think a lot of that scene is umm, un listenable, not musical enough for my tastes although when it’s totally kick ass rhythm I dig it though. Who are your favorite noise acts and why?

UN: Well, my introduction to the whole ‘rhythmic noise’ genre was via Noisex, and I still have a soft spot for them :) I absolutely LOVE Winterkaelte… their programming is brilliant and they have some amazingly harsh tracks. What ever did happen to Asche? I really did like his material. I haven’t kept up on current noise acts, unfortunately, as it just doesn’t grab my attention anymore. We need more stuff like Gridlock – they were brilliant at combining harsh elements with lovely melodies…

VAC: List your top ten favorite bands.

UN: Oh this is cruel…
In no order, really:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Flashbulb
Junior Boys
Spiritual Front
Dimmu Borgir
Venetian Snares
Telefon Tel Aviv
and, Skinny Puppy

VAC: List your Top ten Favorite Lps.

UN: Skinny Puppy – Vivisect VI
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Henry’s Dream
The Flashbulb – Soundtrack to a Vacant Life
Kattoo – Megrim
Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Született
Spiritual Front – Armageddon Gigolo
Nitzer Ebb – That Total Age
Halou – Wiser
Beefcake – Coincidentia Oppositorum
Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

VAC: Who have you collaborated with, what remixes have you done?

UN: I’ve not collaborated a *whole* lot. I tend to be really solitary in my creative endeavors. I’ve done a few guest vocal appearances – Leaetherstrip, Implant, E.S.A. I’ve done remixes for Glis, GenCab, Inure, Suicide Commando, Tamtrum, Autoclav1.1, C/A/T.

VAC: If you could change one historic event in history what would it be?

UN: I wouldn’t. I’m a believer of that everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad. I wouldn’t change anything, who knows what the outcome would be? I prefer to let go of the wheel when it comes to things that are out of my hands, out of my control. There’s no use in trying to change destiny.

VAC: Anyone you would like to see in prison or worse?

UN: Every rapist, every murderer, every child molester, anyone who has brought horrible harm and grief to innocent people. Let the pot smokers out, they’re not hurting anyone but themselves. Take care of the really really bad guys….

VAC: How do you view the modern club scene?

UN: Eh, it’s not really my thing anymore. I go out once in a while to support my friends’ nights, but it’s just socializing. As I get older I’m more apt to stay at home and be entertained that way :) I don’t have the energy to go out as much as I used to. If I do go out it’s usually to catch a gig.

VAC: If you could win any piece of musical gear in the world, what would you pick?

UN: Probably the ARP 2500 😉

VAC: Who are your influences?

UN: Musically, I gather influences from… god, so so much. I can’t even begin to list them all. Otherwise, I take in everything around me, all life events, what I see and what I experience… and that’s channeled into my music. I don’t try to emulate other musicians, I write what pleases my own ears. I’m probably totally unaware of a lot of my influences :)


UN: I don’t watch a whole lot, but lately I’m hooked on NCIS! I love that show! Also, The Whitest Kids U’ Know is the funniest damn sketch comedy I’ve ever seen. It makes Kids in the Hall seem like a soap opera. A bad soap opera. Brilliant comedians. I highly suggest people go to YouTube and search “WKUK Grapist”. Your life will be impacted by it forever.
Also, props to Dexter.

VAC: Movies?

UN: I’m a zombie fans… so bring on the undead, I love it. I love French horror, as it seems they really know how to make a truly terrifying film; see “Inside”. I am totally desensitized these days but that movie scared the hell out of me. So disturbing. I love Se7en still to this day, and pretty much anything Kevin Spacey does. Christopher Walken, Robert Deniro, Christian Bale, and Crispin Glover are some of my hands-down favorite actors. I’ll watch any movie they’ve done. I’m more a fan of independent cinema, and think Hollywood has put out some of the worst movies ever. I was really excited for 2012, for instance… and I walked out of that movie totally pissed off and disappointed. Way to go ruining the apocalypse, guys… I love apocalyptic films and that just totally got trashed.

VAC: Books?

UN: Well, I read a lot of books on food and cooking and culinary geek stuff :) I also love a good horror book. I have way too many books on audio engineering and general music/audio geekiness. I loved House of Leaves. That book was amazing. Also really like anything zombie-related, once again..

VAC: Authors?

UN: My guilty pleasure is Dean Koontz. I also really like Christopher McCammon. Swan Song was such an amazing read, and even at ~1000 pages I’ve managed to read it almost 10 times. I also really like David Sedaris.

VAC: What is your favorite food?

UN: Another cruel question!
I’ll eat anything, pretty much – at least give it a go. I kind of have to! But I LOVE good sashimi, a good steak, I love gnocchi so much… especially gnocchi alla sorrentina. Good Indian curry. Bruschetta done right. ANYTHING with fresh basil. And… the pizza in Naples. I’d go back just for the pizza there. I generally eat healthy, organic, and fresh foods. I tend to crave vegetables and fruits rather than sweets. I hate fried foods.

VAC: who is your favorite artist? art not music.

UN: I honestly don’t have one. I can appreciate visual art, but I’m not a painter or drawer (seriously, I suck so bad) so while I can say “wow that is awesome”, I don’t keep tabs on artists, really..

VAC: Do you like where you are currently living?

UN: I love Portland, there’s a lot here for me. I live in a rad house with tons of space, and have some great friends in this city. So yea, I like this a lot more than other places I’ve lived.

VAC: What can we expect next from Unter Null?

UN: Well, the new album definitely… And hopefully a tour in 2010… and of course more and more albums :)

VAC:I myself make a lot of food, but mostly raw vegan stuff. I have considered writing a recipe book, how about you?

UN: I definitely have. I keep a journal of my own recipes, and someday maybe I’ll throw it into a book. I’m very knowledgable on different diets and nutrition, so that is an angle I’d probably approach with a book. I was vegetarian for 7 years myself :) My downfall was cheese when I went vegan, and then eventually I craved seafood again and the veg*an period of my life was over. But I cook mostly vegetarian meals at home. Hey, we should collaborate! :)

VAC: Krztov says high, he is working on his new music and expecting a kid! He told me he hung out with you a while back and you guys had fun joking around.

UN: Hah, yea. We hung out at a show in Seattle once YEARS ago. He’s a nice guy.

VAC: Thank you for your time, is there any thing else you would like to add?

UN: Thank you for the interview! I can’t think of anything else I’d like to add… But I think 2010 is going to be an awesome year and I hope it is awesome for everyone.

VAC: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, we hope to help get you some more exposure in the music world. Take care..

UN: Thank you!!

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