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Comments Off on Games: PS3: Killzone 3, Hexfix93’s take.

Games: PS3: Killzone 3, Hexfix93’s take.


Opening words:
I was going to rent this, then I bought a the PS move and played the online beta. WOW, had me so hooked even before the game launched. Playstation move and Killzone 3 is bliss. I prefer this to even a mouse and keyboard for FPS now and that is really saying something. MAG scratched the surface and killzone really is a must buy for the PlayStation move peripheral. I tried playing this with the dual shock, and I hated it. Move only if possible from now on for me.

Single Player: 9.7
When I first started playing this I was not that impressed. It felt more like a DLC add on than an actual full game. About 2 hours in I lost that feeling and started to see why this was a new game. With the move controller shooting was precise and fast. There is however aim assist which can take some of the challenge out of the game. I had a blast with this in single player with the move. It felt so real over other games I have played with the move, even more so than mag. The story in single player is pretty good actually. I read a lot of reviews dissing the story however I found it pretty decent. I liked it better than Killzone 2’s story. The game is very linear and this is not a bad thing at all in games like this. I don’t like first person games where I have to explore. I prefer 3rd person games for exploring. I loved the characters plus the acting was actually really good in this, better than killzone 2.

The best graphics I have seen to date on any home console. Xbox only wishes it could pull this off. The use of color on killzone 3 is way better than the duller grayer killzone 2 which still looks great but no where near as good as killzone 3. There are certain levels where there is this green shiny hue on everything, it looks amazing. The jungle levels rock with the red colors, the ruins with the green. The industrial look, the hellghast are so cool looking. The details up close on enemies is astounding as are the kill animations. If you like graphics, this is a must own.

Audio: 9.7
I love the unique sounds of this game, the ambiance, the metallic clanking. This is the most industrial of all video games. It looks and feels the way old school ministry sounds. It is amazing. Top notch voice acting to boot. The classical score works well.

Game mechanics: 9.8
The guns are mostly the same. There are some new thigns though, Jetpacks are a whole new thing and can be really fun once you get used to controlling them. Aiming while in a jetpack is really twitchy and crappy in my opinion. the one thing they should fix. It’s fun to get up high on things and snipe. Click here to see a list of all the guns in the game. There is lag on the controls like in killzone 2 except this time it is a bit tighter and more responsive. Call of duty runs in a lower resolution and doesn’t have as many graphics effects or polygons, that is how it can pull off its tight controls. I know that with high graphics like this, you do have to sacrifice the controls. Below I explain more.
Dual shock: Sluggy, not as bad as killzone 2, a little tighter but seriously lame compared to modern warfare black ops. If you are a dual shock guy, don’t buy this game for game mechanics, it feels clunky and slightly laggy on the controls. An improvement over killzone 2, but not good enough for tight fun.

Move: This makes the game responsive, precise and way better. Turning is good once you calibrate it the right way. I calibrate it Deadzone width = 0, deadzone height 10%, Crosshair sensitivity = 20%, Turnspeed = 40%, Locl Assist = Camera, Crouch = Toggle. This game me dual shock like screen movement with tight aiming controls. If you want a bigger dead zone so you can move the cursor around the screen more with out moving the camera, you set wider and higher dead zone settings. I had good luck both ways, but in tight fire fights, you will want one that lets you move the camera better like I adjusted mine for. I don’t stand up when i play this I sit down and put my elbows on the top of my legs and barely have to move my hands around. I get great relaxed playing this way. If this is the first time playing with the move, get used to it, once you do it will be so precise that you will never want to use a stupid dual shock or xbox controller again. I know some people who can’t get used to the move, mostly cause they play with their head up their ass in a leaned back position. LOL. If you are one of these people, don’t bother with this game and stick with call of duty because I think the dual shock controls on this suck ass just like killzone 2 did in multiplayer.

Multiplayer: 9.8
This is the best FPS console multiplayer with motion controls hands down. With dual shock, call of duty still wins hands down with its fast twichy feel. This has a lagged heavy feel with the dual shock. With the Move, it is a whole different game, think time crisis but you can move. Its more like a gun game of old but you can move your character. The game modes this time are way better. I love the character classes in this game: Marksman(best for sniping), Engineer(best for heavy machine gun and turrets), Field Medic(best for healing downed players and a great sentry bot to follow you), Tactician(stratigic for taking spawn points), and Infiltrator(shotgun and run fast as hell).

Game Modes:
Guerrilla Warfare is team death match with small maps, this mode runs really tight with a great frame rate. Levels are small, and only 16 players compete on these maps, 8 a side.

Warzone is like the old warzone cept this time the levels are huge! Mega huge, there are up to 24 players in this mode, and the game is long with mission objectives that start and end, so you roll through them (seven objectives: “Body Count”, “Capture and Hold”, “Search and Retrieve”, and two rounds of “Assassination” and “Search and Destroy”). Each game can take up to 20 minutes. Very cool and immersive. My only problem with Warzone is that the frame rate can suffer because of the high player count, the mechs, and other things can cause it to slow down pretty bad when a lot of people are firing in an area. This mode is a lot of fun, and the best way to rank up.

Operations: This in my opinion is the best mode in any FPS game I have played, with cool animations and a more linear streamline objective based mode of play. 8 on 8. The frame rate stays good on these levels. the levels are bigger than the Guerrilla Warfare maps, but smaller than the Warzone maps. I like playing this mode the most. It has so much more character than any other online mode in an fps style game.

The single player is worth playing through once or twice if you want to play on a harder setting. The A.I. is pretty good on the harder settings. One of the most challenging FPS games on the harder settings. The multiplayer is unlike anything else out there. There are plenty of guns and classes in multiplayer to rank up.

Total score: 9.9
If you have a MOVE, and a playstation 3, and you like shooters this is the best on on the console market. It beats halo, It beats call of duty, it beats bad company. It kicks them all squarely in the ass. With the move this is hands down the best console shoot ever made. Click here To buy killzone 3 for ps3 on This is a must buy for motion controls.