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Music: PWEI: New Noise Designed by a Sadist, Hexfix93’s Take.

New Noise Designed by a Sadist New Noise Designed by a Sadist
  1. Back 2 Business
  2. Chaos & Mayhem
  3. Nosebleeder Turbo TV
  4. Captain Plastic
  5. Mask
  6. Equal Zero
  7. Oldskool Cool
  8. Seek & Destroy
  9. Disguise
  10. Wasted (part 1)
  11. Wasted (reprise)

Very happy to get a new PWEI even though there is no Clint Mansell. This line up nails it. They get the pwei sounds down and make it more hyper and upbeat and aggressive.

The above clip is a good indicator of how the lp sounds. I really like Old School, Mask, Captain Plastic. Reminds me of the music you hear on the old wipeout video games on ps2 and ps3 mixed with metal guitars. Parts of this lp Reminded me of Ohgr in some ways. It still has the old PWEI vibe from “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos”. The vocals are very old school pwei sounding. There is a lot of keyboards, big beats. This has that 90s sound that is sorely missing in today’s music.

I give this a 4 out of 5. Click here to buy PWEI New Noise Designed by a Sadist.

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Games: Ps3: Rage Anarchy Edition. Hexfix93’s Take.


Opening words:
Many years in development. We waited and waited and waited. Promised to be a open world shooter with a great story and great art design. The TV commercials used a high energy mad mean track, and the hype was great for this game. Did it deliver?

Single Player: 8.0
Too short. Way To short. What the hell. When Id joined up with Bethesda(fallout creators) I was expecting a large game. The game seems big, but man, not many missions. No interactive choices. On the Rails. Like GTA missions with way less cinematic sequences. Even Resistance 3 felt like more of a game. Some claim its the best console game. Not even close. Does it suck. NO, I just expected way more than this. Are you a hero, are you anything, kind of, kind of not. I know it opens the door for a sequel. It is worth playing, and I hope there is more to this game down the road. The driving is nice. Still the world feels so limited in scope.

When you first enter the world. It is impressive, the vast canyons, the rocks, the look and feel is really great. Polished and running at 60 frames per second. Functioning, it looks great, some slight pop up here and there. I wanted to give this a higher score except when you get really close to things, it looks awful. The indoor areas are really low res looking. Every day objects inside buildings are pretty lame. Still, it looks very impressive over all. I loved the industrial look of the game.

Audio: 6.0
Pretty decent. Good voice acting. Still after watching the tv commercial I was expecting something really in your face and kick ass. The music over all was lame. The world looks industrial and the music sounds nothing how the world looks and I find this to be a huge let down. Buggy cars sound like lawn equipment. LOL Hire me ID, I’ll do your audio and pick way better songs.

Game mechanics: 10
This is how a shooter is supposed to feel. Tight, 60 frames. Responsive. Being able to move well and shoot well. The feel of this game is spot on. I prefer it to any other shooter honestly. Especially for single player. The way the enemies run at you, jump around, move, strafe, this is unlike all other shooters. I found this frantic and challenging. Especially the big bosses on the harder difficulty settings. WOW. This is frantic. The driving was absolutely spot on as well. Their is 2 games here that work amazingly well. I was impressed with how well this game controls and works. This is the engine to use. Fuck the klunky unreal engine, it feels so dated and not nearly as responsive.

Multiplayer: 4.9
Lame. Seriously, the co-op is ok. Still only side missions that have nothing to do with the main quest really. Buggy racing. All kinds of buggy racing. Really, just wait for twisted metal, this is a joke. I would much rather play fps with this engine online. Damn you, it has the great quake mechanics with kick ass ultra responsive timing. Damn you ID!

If you are die hard ID, buy this and pray the dlc adds multi player shooting and new missions. If not, rent this.

Total score: 8.3
Your on the road to no where. Only 3 cities. A few side quests, and a super short story with no real ending. Sequel, or dlc please. What is here is great. Still, its too short. ID, WE WANT DEATH MATCH, WE WANT ONLINE SHOOTERS WITH YOUR GREAT ENGINE. I AM SICK OF UNREAL SHOOTER ENGINES. SAVE US!!!!!!

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Raw Vegan: Banana Ice Cream. by Hexfix93.


I recommend that you have a Ninja pro 1000 watt or above food processor or blender for this recipe.

First freeze a lot of bananas.

4 Frozen Bananas
2 tablespoons of Agave raw
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Blend this in high powered food processor. May have to add a little, and i mean a little bit of water to get it to blend down. This stuff tastes amazing. You can add like 1/2 cup to 1 cup of any berries you would, fresh or frozen.

In the photo above I garnished the ice cream after wards with cacao nibs and walnuts. This stuff is amazing. Will quench any RAW VEGANS desire for ICE CREAM.