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The heart and soul of this anime is most definitely “you cannot escape your past”. This is a space based bounty hunter anime. My favorite stuff. This sits in the middle of my top ten easily. Very likable characters. Lots of cool side plots. In my opinion this is Shinichiro Watanabe’s best work. He also did Samurai champloo as well. The theme music is funny, I found it annoying at first, but it grew on me. This is 6 dvds, and about 26 episodes. So it’s a fair size, and really does deliver. I could watch 100 episodes easily. But it is better to leave you wanting more than to run it into the bloody ground ala Inuasha(just end it all ready). Faye is easily one of my favorite anime heroines. Pretty realistic in personality. Sure some of the character types are very stereotypical and predictable, but that didn’t put me off at all. I can still watch this anime over and over, it never gets old for me.

They used to play this on TV, but man they censored the hell out of it. So go rent it if you are broke, netflix has it. Or if you are like me, you gotta own it, because it has so much replay value. My favorite episode is “Mushroom Samba”. This is so friggen hilarious. They all start tripping. It so psychedelic. I love it! I give this a 5 out of 5. Click here to buy the complete Cowboy Bebop box set.

  1. aaroN Said,

    i think the last 2 episodes together are one of the most epic hours in anime.

  2. thedarkpoptoys Said,

    i love this anime its soo great .. im like the only kid i kno who knos about this … how old iz it?

  3. newsom99 Said,

    i first saw this on adult swim, it easily became one of my favorite animes of all time.

  4. Maya Said,

    3 2 1 let’s jam…

    Love this show! And, yes, it took a while to love that theme song. My husband kept playing it in the car, and my response was always “oh my god, what is this crap?” But now I love it and routinely have it running through my head. Ed is a riot. And, speaking of your favorite episode… Spike walking up the same stair over and over. Classic!

  5. deadsoul Said,

    love this anime. watching re-runs brings out hidden details and small stories i missed the 1st time view. truly a cult classic.

  6. szakal161 Said,

    that anime is good I was wathing that few times ^^ good jazz miusic ^^

  7. hinotoxin Said,

    :) Probably my favourite anime of all time. I love the characters, underlying story, music and just the sometimes eerie atmosphere it can have. The theme song had to grow on me too haha. The funniest episode was probably Mushroom Samba hehe

    I could easily watch more episodes too, sometimes wish they had made more. The film was pretty great but lacking in… something I can’t quite put my finger on.

    And I’d have to say Julia was my favourite heroine, wish there had been more episodes with her!

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