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Music: Meatbeat Manifesto: Armed Audio Warfare.

mbm Armed Audio Warfare
  1. Genocide
  2. Repulsion
  3. Mister President
  4. Reanimator
  5. I got the Fear
  6. Kick That Man
  7. Kneel and Buzz
  8. Fear Version
  9. Give Your Body its Freedom
  10. Marrs Needs Women
  11. Cutman

This was one of the sounds that inspired me to take my project into the fusion realm of fusing styles. Old Meatbeat was pissed, aggressive, and punk with a side of industrial and old school hiphop rap thrown in. Strange to mix old grooves with caustic industrial funk. This was probably the 2nd wax trax band that I got into in the early 90’s.

I love when Jack Dangers sings. He is actually one of my favorite vocalists. He sings with this sass, atitude, and flare. Angry and convincing. Most of the songs on this LP have vocals. The vocals on Genocide are so intense, dramatic and syncopated with the music, its like psychotic rythmic rap that has this alternative vocals.

My favorite song on this lp is Genocide. The rythmic random jupiter 8 and modular synthesizer bips and bleeps, This pulsating angry distorted kick drum groove, then the syncopated angry snappy witty beat nick vocals just smash you in the face. When the song breaks down this huge rythmic distorted synth line just tears through the mix. This is so trippy, so psychedellic. Still my favorite music to listen while tripping to this day.

Other notable tracks are I got the fear, Marrs Needs Women, Repulsion, Kneel and Buzz(powernoise). Click here to buy Armed Audio Warfare on mp3.