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I know people are going to complain. But I don’t care. I LOVE NARUTO! I don’t care. Most people see it on the cartoon network in english, which really makes it worse. In japanese it’s very good. The battles are epic, The characters are great. In fact some of my favorite characters in anime are in this series. GAARA! He is my favorite character for sure. I also really like Kakashi. Sure it centers around the brat naruto. But I love misfits, I was a misfit growing up. Much like naruto, so i can relate to it. Sure this is uber emo. But I love sad depressing stories and violence and epic supernatural martial arts battles. It can be campy and funny in the same manner that Kenshin was. But I don’t care, in fact I think that is why I like it so much. It goes from being light hearted and silly, to super depressing, angry, and super evil. The original Naruto, follows the story when naruto is still a kid.

But Naruto Shippûden deals with the cast as they become teenagers. This is where it gets way more serious and dark. Gaara. poor gaara. Seriously. This gets really good, The Fight between Naruto and Orochimaru is very cool.

I recommend these highly. But don’t buy it, its so over priced, you can find streams of it online by clicking here for naruto. And Here for Naruto Shippûden. This is TV in japan, paid for by advertisers.

  1. thedarkpoptoys Said,

    wow. i didnt think you would like this at all! im going to watch them through the links you sent because i havent heard it in japaneese

  2. aaroN Said,

    man i had been waiting for you to review naruto . i read that you put some jap episodes on your psp, so i figured you were a fan from there. i just watched the latest hour special of shippuuden earlier today, and i read each new manga chapter that is released with english subs each friday as well.

    the manga is so much further than the shippuuden episodes, i really recommend reading them once you get all caught up with the shippuuden episodes. at times i enjoyed reading the manga more than watching the anime. im not going to spoil or hint at anything that happens, because i dont want to ruin it for anyone. i had alot of stuff ruined for me in the manga, because of people telling spoilers. you can read the manga and watch the series (including part 2-shippuuden) online. the english version also airs on cartoon network in the US. i recommend the japanese version however.

    the japanese version is immensely better i think. the dialogue is better and funnier, more cursing, and the english version is what gets people to hate naruto and think it is just a crappy new anime for little kids. the story is amazing, and especially once shippuuden enters. definitely a great variety of characters all throughout. like you said, so much more serious and interesting, tons of new badasses, and the akatsuki are the coolest guys on the planet. im watching several other animes at the moment as well, but i still cant get enough of naruto. i even have a konoha headband that i won in a contest!

    and people need to start realizing that even if naruto never did get as popular as it is today, it would still have the same storyline and characters. so if you hate it because of its popularity, then you’re really missing out by not bothering to give it any judgment based on the series. its a fantastic anime.

  3. theghostofeachroom Said,

    I typically don’t care much for mainstream anime these days. I’ve had better luck with digging around for it… but, I trust your judgment, and I’ll check this out.

  4. SMa5317 Said,

    Gaara fucking rocks

  5. Crackinwindow Said,

    OMG i love you even more now. I always thought your music was kick ass and amazing. but knowing that your are a complete child inside like me makes me laugh and feel awesome. this is my favorite anime/manga ever. my favorite character is kiba (because he is so sexy) but my kakashi is my second fav because he is so awesome and badass.

    Lots of love-

  6. vincediseased89 Said,

    been a fan of Naruto for 5 years now and was very pleased to see that you are a fan of this, the older stuff has its moments(hokage vs orochimaru), but the newer stuff is alot better; more epic fight scenes and new techniques

    for those who want to watch the new naruto series or want to catch up on episodes and use torrents:
    has a full list of subbed episodes of naruto(and other equally amazing anime like bleach)

  7. pagekiss Said,

    I love naruto! naruto is my fav.

  8. pagekiss Said,

    so do we like take at all here! becaues i love takeing about naruto!

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