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Comments Off on Music: Psykkle: Rock Bottom Paradise, Hexfix93’s take.

Music: Psykkle: Rock Bottom Paradise, Hexfix93’s take.

Skinny Puppy Rock Bottom Paradise
  1. Welcome to Paradise
  2. Fake
  3. Lukankasi
  4. Flavour of The Weak
  5. Massacre
  6. The Sinner
  7. Blessed by Lesser Gods
  8. Multiple Scars
  9. Code 187 feat. Sinsect
  10. The Jolt
  11. Into The Blind World
  12. In God We Lust
  13. Prelude to War
  14. Methods of Pain
  15. Self Destructive Tendencies
  16. The Analogue Bomb feat. virtual terrorist
  17. Leave in Ruin

Well, I had thought the scene was shit now for years. All this raver goth detuned trance lead shit, unmusical terror ebm, and all the mainstream acts that sell the most just left a bad taste in my fucking mouth, it is why I only review old music. Glad to say I have found some new bands that do not leave this bad taste in my mouth, only to find out that they are underground and hardly known at all. I must have melodies, catchy intelligent lyrics, and groove to get into an electronic band. This band has it in spades.

Psykkle – Lukankasi [Rock Bottom Paradise 2011] by Psykkle

I think this is like their 3rd release. I will try and check out their other releases soon, for now, WOW i really love this cd. How would i describe this? If you took ebm slowed it down and make it groove. Then got some strange female to spice it up in a very unique way. I have not heard a voice like this before. The male Vocals are pissed and distorted how i like them to be in this kind of music but not over the top like in terror ebm shit. Thank goodness.

Psykkle – Fake [Re-Stiched Mix] by Psykkle

My favorite song is FAKE. Love the main hook and vocal line, it just sticks in my head. I love how the distorted bass pulses on it as well. This song lurks and grooves, perfect for the club scene. The LP version is better than the remix one I have featured on this review. “I take pride and soulless eyes after watching you die” <---- love that.

Other songs I dig, Lukankasi. Love the wailing vocals. The cool arpeggio pretty stuff! I love the vocal melodies on this track. Powerful. I also really like Flavor of the weak, Blessed by Lesser Gods, and into the blind world as well. Out of all the new stuff I have heard recently, this is at the top of my list. This deserves to be on metropolis records. I hope someone picks them up and gets them distributed and touring.

Psykkle – Flavour of the Weak [vProjekt Remix] by Psykkle

I give this a 8.5 out of 10. If you like groovy industrial ebm with melody, soul, and polish. Give this a listen! BUY IT! Click here to buy Rock Bottom Paradise.