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Music: Kmfdm: Kunst: LP & WGT LIVE SHOW Hexfix93 Review.

Kunst Kunst
  1. Kunst
  2. Ave Maria
  3. Quake
  4. Hello
  5. The Next Big Thing
  6. Pussy Riot
  7. Pseudocide
  8. Animal Out
  9. The Mess You Made
  10. I Heart You NOT


What a year. I ventured out to WGT this year mostly so I could see KMFDM because I have all ways missed them when they play in Colorado. This year I was not going to miss them, what is Even funnier Is that I was playing in two bands Velvet Acid Christ(as vocals) and The Twilight Garden(keys). Twilight Garden played on the same day as kmfdm, so we had to rush after the show to get down to the AGRA hall where we played on the Saturday with Iamx, Leather Strip, and Sucide Commando In Velvet Acid Christ. We saw it and it blew US the Fuck Away. And in my honest Opinion Blew Every other Band Away at the festival. But I will get more into that later. Now lets talk about Kunst.

Over the last 3 years I have become a massive KMFDM fan. In the past I liked Kmfdm ok. Compared to NIN, Puppy, Ministry though I preferred their harder more psychotic edge to the almost super star Pop hooks and song structures of KMFDM. After Juke Joint Jezz I ignored this band. They peeped out in the 2000s with symbols, and that won me over more because all my idols started making garbage. I dug deeper in the 2000s and got Xtort and loved it. Ignored and forgot them again. Then my gaming buddy Krztov told me to check out Hau Ruk and ww3. WOW. Now I am devoted. Then they put out WTF, and I kinda did not care for it that much. So I was wary of kunst. I have always been a Puppy freak at heart.

I downloaded Kunst from the metropolis press promotion ftp. I burned it, and threw it in. First thing a super cheesy song with more and more kmfdm worshiping and wow I liked it, the lyrics were lp titles and lyrics from the back catalog. Witty and fun. One of the things I love about KMFDM now. Second song is very melodic and metal. very catchy. Then Quake, this was the song we heard first when we rushed down to the KMFDM show at WGT, WOW. This song live kicked my fucking ass. Their set was the loudest of all the bands and the sound quality was Simply Amazing. I loved the melodic angry vocals, great lyrics. RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE! I love this song. Vocal style reminds me of Lemme of Motorhead. The next big thing is amazing, I love the guest vocals, reminds me of Snog being hissy and evil like on OLD snog. YEEEE HAW! Its like butt rock industrial with evil vox…

The Pussy Riot song kicks ass. I love how they support Pussy Riot with this song!! I do too! But they did it justice by making a super catchy protest song! We are who we are. This is so catchy and sticks in my fucking head long after I hear the song.. I believe mostly with KMFDMs message in most of their music. Even though this band makes some catchy pop shit that is cheesy, they still make super kick ass angry industrial and dance hits too. Very political and intelligent as well.

This is my favorite LP this year. It is a strong follow up to WTF. It has hit after hit on it. Amazing vocals, Great Guitar riffs, very dance friendly beats, killer synth lines I do not skip any songs. It is that good. The new Puppy in my opinion is not this good. If I had to pick an LP of the year so far, This would be it.

I give this LP a 10 out of 10. Now, go to amazon and buy the damn mp3s now! Click Here to buy KUNST mp3s. Support KMFDM!!! ITS ONLY 8.99, GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

WGT 2013 Review: The above video does it some justice but its way better when you are there. It was amazing, it sounded so amazing. Better than the CDS. Lucia was amazing and could hit high notes and stay on pitch so amazingly well. Seriously the best show I saw at WGT. When they played Son of a Gun it blew me away, it was so fast and perfect, the drummer and guitarist were amazing and making no mistakes. Hau Ruk was amazing too, as was Tohuvabohu. So many great amazing songs, live its like a greatest hits machine and they have so many great songs now its just non stop hit after hit. If you get a chance to see them live, their current live band is amazing. Tight with amazing presence and stage prowess. Of Course Sasha was amazing, I loved how he played keys and made sound fx, and was all into it. He sang great too. The Best LP and the Best show I have seen all year!! So far this year belongs to KMFDM!

PS: I ran into Sahsha at the hotel we were all staying at briefly. Told him I loved his show and said high from Krztov a long devoted old school fan, and Sasha remembered him. So cool. I saw his Daughter, he was holding her and the first thing I thought was, I wonder if the little girl voice I hear on “I heart you Not” Is her :) Any how, he was very nice. I did not want to bother him too much so i left fast.. They were on their way out. One of the many highlights of my WGT stay.

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