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Games: Ps3: The Last Of Us, Hexfix93’s review.


The Single Player is the Best I have Ever Played.. EVER. Put the disc in, waited a while for it to finally load, then started playing. Was like wtf, pacing is strange at first. I was not really liking it the first couple of hours. I was like, this is just a re skinned Uncharted. I will not spoil anything. But, the game gets much better after a few hours, the enemies get smarter, react better. Hectic combat where every shot counts and skill actually matter in this game. this is not for the feint of heart, this will frustrate casual gammers and newbs. The enemies move, react to what you do, work together (the humans), the clickers are bezerkers frantic and if they get you its over. Early stages of infection makes them into fast zombies. Wow, then the Fireflies vs Hunters. Lots of different AI. The game gets full congrats for making the AI and graphics good.

The story is slow in the beginning, but it gets amazing, it makes you care about the characters. It makes you care about what happens. It sucks you in hard core. I wont talk about how it ends, but I will say I loved the ending…. Game play is amazing, the mechanics are good, like uncharted but even better. Aiming at the bad guys is hard cause they move and react to you aiming at them unlike any other game i have played, it takes patients and precision. The weapons are satisfying, the fun in making and upgrading them is rpg like, the healing system is in real time and awesome. This is the best combat survival horror game I have ever played. With “THE BEST” Video game story I have played through. Amazing acting. Great graphics…


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It is not just a zombie game, or story. It is so much deeper in every way than resident evil, or any survival horror game. Realistic shit happens, and some of it is really heavy, most normal squeemish people might hate it and say its dark, people like me say its perfect, its realistic. Yay to naughty dog. This is the best game ever..
This is why Xbox can suck it, they have no games that even touch this game, or the uncharted series, or killzone and socom..

9 out of 10.

The best Single Player Game I have ever played. Go buy it now Click Here to buy The Last of US for PS3

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