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Comments Off on PS4 VS Xbone NOW DRM FREE!



Ps4, still cheaper at $399, still the best developers. Naughty Dog has proved to be the best game developer this generation and where are they? Under sony’s belt. The ps4 has much faster RAM, It’s os is for games and only uses 1gb of memory, The graphics processor in the ps4 has 50% more raw horsepower than the xbone, no batteries for controllers they recharge even when the console is off when plugged into the usb ports via a cable. It will have cross play chat. It will have a tile like interface, share button. More than all of this sony is publisher friendly, letting them self publish and set their own prices and take less of their money away. Indy games on ps3 ruled, from shattered, to flower, to Journey. Sony makes intelligent adult entertainment. Dark and morbid industrial shooters like Killzone. More artistic, Sony has many faces like God of WAR, Infamous. Games Like Uncharted and Last Of Us set the bar so high that no one else even comes close in acting, story, game play, and game mechanics. Heavy rain, Socom, Little Big Planet. So much more imagination is rewarded @ sony. With the optional gaikai streaming back catalog(not my thing) Sony has a winner. Option PS EYE as well. Ps4 looks sexy, it looks sleek and well designed. Sony has a lower failure rate on ps3 vs 360. So i trust they will put out quality.

Games Xbox
$499, Kinnekt always on, spying on you i bet, while MS lies about it. No thanks. Batteries in the controllers, i have to buy them? Stupid. TV TV TV TV TV and yeah the os takes up 3gb for this crap you don’t need, so games will be limited to 5gb VS ps4 that uses 7GB for games. Graphics are 50% less powerful than PS4, Slower Ram. Now they have reversed the DRM, but still need internet to set up the console, so yes it is still required to use the system. STUPID. I knew they would reverse the DRM to some extent or face extinction. Good for them. Still they are left with an inferior console. A Glorified TV box. Sure Titan fall looks good. But halo sucks, Gears of war is not my thing. Fable no where to be seen. I was not a fan of the games shown at their E3 press conf. They have no face other than Halo. They have nothing on the level of Sony’s developers in Adult content games that are dark and real. Other than that, all the games will be on xbone will be on ps4 and looking and playing better. The cloud, yay bandwidth will cost money in the near future, and this is why gaikai and cloud crap will be a very expensive bad idea in the future. I hate the mainstream media not taking up all these issues. Xbox One is ugly, looks like a 70s vcr. 360 was junk that broke bad, people bought 3 and 4, this is where their big sales numbers come from, people replacing their broken 360s, that being said, xbox one looks like the next big step in shit again! Buyer Beware.

^^^^^ After drinking xbone juice^^^^^^

Both charge for online play, Sony gives you 10 games a week, xbone will give you 2 a month. So in the end PSN wins. Sony is going with this model and has now drawn a line in the sand. Even if I was thinking about an xbox one, no way in hell am I paying for Ps+ and Xobx Live for each at the same time. This makes me only want 1 console that I have to pay online for, and I am willing to bet tons of others will feel the same way.


I do see myself getting a WII U on the side with my ps4 for the new mario cart. I do not see myself paying for online on xbox one for a glorified tv box, with games I don’t really care for that most will be on ps4 as well, and an inferior product in terms of memory speed and graphics. The informed public will choose the ps4. The brainwashed Microsoft Luddites will buy the inferior product, just like last time. DRM or not, xbone is not as good as ps4. Adam Sesslar and Rich of review tech can eat my shit. They are both dead wrong. Microsoft still sucks, will all ways suck.


And truth be told. I wish I was still playing on sega consoles, not sony, not Nintendo, not MS. Sega and Atari I wish they both would of survived and made next gen systems. That being said. Sony again has the superior product, even when microsoft reverses its DRM stance. ITS NOT ENOUGH MICROSOFT. DO YOU THINK THE PUBLIC WILL FORGET THAT YOU WERE THE COMPANY THAT TRIED TO SCREW THE USERS OVER WITH DRM THEN REVERSED? WHO IS MORE LIKELY GOING TO REVERT BACK TO IT? YOU MICROSOFT, HOW CAN WE TRUST YOU?

Microsoft, I still think the public hates you. Kinnekt sucked on 360, it will suck again for xbox one. Paying for batteries? in 2013? still? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY THIS SHIT?