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Games: Ps3: Last of us: Multiplayer.. Review by Hexfix93.



No fun and really fucking fast. At first I liked it, so different. But once you don’t have a mic’d team, and this is a team game, you will get angry really fast as your teammates wonder off in rambo call of duty mode and ignore you and don’t roam as a pack while the other team does. The guns SUCK. 3 shots in the chest with a revolver and no it doesn’t kill. Some times it takes 7 shots. Bullshit. I have had the sawed off up close and shoot them in the face 2 times, and no they don’t die. Bullet sponges it seems like, but let me tell you whats worse, I get shot twice and I fall over crawling on the ground. I don’t know if my internet is just way more lagged than the people I play with, but man this is what I am experiencing and it makes the game no fun. The facebook mini game of trying to select tasks and meet them is frustrating because the goals rely on teammates playing well together so if you get on a crap team with no mics, you will lose the fb mini game so bad its not even funny. Then you have to re select hunter or firefly.


The controls feel laggy, and klunky. Something most ps3 exclusive online games suffer from, all the killzone games, uncharted, and now the last of us too. Call of duty is lazer sharp super fast and ultra responsive. Ps3 exclusives, laggy, drifty, bad hit detection, lag fests. Slugish controls, always over exert, over run, never percise control. Multi core processing is shit for tight controls. This has become so obvious to me now after owning a ps3 for 7 years. I hope the ps4 does not suffer from this as well. Or I will be super bummed out. Oh well, still the single player games rule…

It rewards team play, and the problem is unless you have a klan of your own that plays well you will lose almost every time you try to play. Its not fun when the game is this unbalanced. Once a roaming team gets upgrades, armor and molitovs, its over. Your team has no chance to come back usually. I have played hundreds of games now and I know the game is unbalanced. And since they patched it, i have been kicked out and disconnected a few times and that never happened before. Maybe my internet in Denver is just pure shit… Sucks, I am not using wifi on my ps3 either, its lan into dsl. on speed tests i get low pings too so. i dunno is psn is just garbage in my area or what..

I will see what the DLC is, because the single player is 100 times better than the multiplayer. I have to doc my over all score on this game now. If they added a multiplayer mode with clickers, and zombies, that would be cool, so would some kind of coop mode. Until then, I plan on playing something else multiplayer because this is an exercise in pure frustration..

I would give the single player part of the game a 10 out of 10, and give the multiplayer part of the game a 5 out of 10. So i doc’d the over all score to 9 out of 10. still amazing single player saves it big time..

Do not buy this for online play, sure its strategic, but good fucking luck trying to get a team of people to play together.. This part of the game sucks.