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Ok, i choose ps4 over pc, xboxone, steam. Why? The best interface, snappy fast, social media integration, sharing game video, and 50% more powerful than xboxone at 100 bucks less. The controller is amazing, hefty, snappy, and perfect in every way. The cross game chat works great, it comes with a head set, and you can plug any headphones into the ps4 controller and get audio routed to it. Cool.

We can sell our used games. Good because I am selling killzone shadow fall asap and buying cod ghost. I will no longer do dedicated game reviews. I will do blerbs about games and what i like and if i think you should buy it. EDT will change, i will focus on the music scene, models, and things people care about most not me doing game reviews, other sites do them better than i do any how. I played killzone on tour the single player and it looks good but game was kinda meh. Then saw the multiplayer and was not impressed. Then we played Battle Field 4, and we were blown away. When I got home from my tour, my ps4 was waiting, I jumped on ps4 only to find no party system and it crashing left and right. After a few days the crashing has improved and there is still no party system, thank goodness for ps4 cross game chat. LOL This is the same for all battlefield 4 versions on all platforms though. not a ps4 prb. Resogun is amazing, this game alone is reason enough to dump $399 into this thing, plus with Playstation Plus its free. WOW. so we need ps plus for cross game chat and multiplayer, but net flix still works with out it, unlike xbox one. LOL Still, uncharted 4, final fantasy on ps4, infamous, the order, and a new last of us type game too. Sony has the best games. The multi platform titles will also run in higher resolutions with more polys and fx than xbox one.

What poisoned me against the PC? Diablo 3, I bought that piece of shit to only have it not work right, then hated the game and I could not sell it, in fact I am going to make a video of me burning it and explaining why PC gaming is dead to me thanks to DRM! Fuck PC gaming and DRM!

What poisoned me against Steam? Its a pc and DRM!

What poisoned me against xbox one? Hahahaah its garbage, it looks like a VCR from the late 80s. It is slow, the voice shit hardly works worth a damn, and it plays its star titles in 720p No thanks.

Is the ps4 a real step up from the ps3? YES YES YES. The controller is 10x better. The games are fast, responsive and glitchy, even battlefield. On ps3 battlefield was laggy, drifty controls, on ps4 it is tight like cod. The worlds are huge, the maps are big, more going on, way less slow down and high frame rate at twice the resolution with more texture ram, loads more. When people say this is a small step. BULLSHIT, this is like 7 times better than the ps3 and xbox 360. I’m not joking. The games look way better. Until you see it on your tv, then go back and load up the ps3, then you really notice the diff. Online video just doesn’t do justice to how it controls an looks.

  1. Eric Said,

    Mr. Hexfix93,
    I am curious did you trade in your PlayStation 3 towards the PlayStation 4. If so does the account you had on the PlayStation 3 transition over to the PS4 nicely? Also, do you know if you can still play games that you downloaded from the PSN Store that was originally for the PS3. If we can do that I might consider trading my PS3 in for the PS4.

  2. admin Said,

    I did not trade the ps3 in, i still play it and ps4 does not play ps3 games.. still have to beat GTA 5.

  3. HumanSnatcher Said,

    I’ll stick with the PC myself. Only way I can physically play games like CoD Ghosts and BF4. I can understand your view about the DRM stuff, but really, Steam is the most lax of all places. You have to do something really fucking stupid to get them on your ass. To be honest, I see railing against the likes of Steam as rather useless. They were pretty bad when they first launched. They have a ton of games, like, that will run on modern systems. For example, unless you want to use an XP virtual machine in 7, you can’t play any You Don’t Know Jack games. Steam got the rights and now run on modern systems. Plus, the PC gaming community is a little more mature. Not only that, but online games for consoles dry up really fast. I’m sure the lobbys for say Black Ops 1 are empty. On the PC, there are still players. Even more so there are still a ton of people that play the original Unreal Tournament. And please don’t take this the wrong way Bryan, but I find it slightly amusing your stance on DRM PC software compared to your stance on digital music files. But either way, the point you make isn’t lost on me.

    And yes, Diablo 3 sucks. I haven’t played it since a month after it came out. So I haven’t played since they did patches so its not a bitch. I just don’t feel like bothering with it anytime soon to see how it is now. As far as not being able to sell it, we both know that that is nothing new and has been around for many many years. However, I do remember EB Games selling used PC games. Picked up Blood 1 and 2 back in the day like that (loved the Type O Negative music video on CD 2 of Blood 2) At least its not like games from 20-25 years ago that had a decoder sheet and every time you had to find the words for x and y coordinates. You lose that sheet back then and you’re screwed

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