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PS4: Killzone ShadowFall VS Cod Ghost VS Battlefield 4


I am done doing reviews, but I will do VS.


KILLZONE: By far Killzone kicks the shit out of the other two, Killzone really takes the cake and honestly looks like a top notch PC game running on top notch hardware. The Detail in the killzone maps far surpasses the other two games.

COD GHOST: Ghosts is just likes like a re wrapped black ops 2. Ghosts has frame rate issues esp with certain aiming scopes used.

BF4: Battlefield 4 actually looks pretty good though still not as good as kill zone.

Conclusion: Battlefield 4 is better than COD ghost and Killzone Shadow Fall is better than both put together graphically speaking…


KILLZONE: finally catches up to COD and Battlefield. It still feels heavy, but with way less lag. Killzone takes more skill as well, it does not have aim assist on like the other two seem to. You must be a good shot in this game to do well. So it feels way more real because of this. There are very cool add ons in this game, Turrets, Air gun ships, and drones that follow you to revive, kill, or stun and to set spawn points. The game is way more strategic because of this. And the WARZONE online stuff is bad ass, how it is a big long game and the objectives switch. Once you get good at this, it is very rewarding, it does have a learning curve, because you do have to learn to actually shoot with out aim assist that most all other FPS games have.

BF4: There are a lot of guns and stuff to unlock and I like this. Still it suffers from bad team syndrome, in order to use the vehicles the thing that makes BF 4 worth a flying fuck because the game mechanics are not as good as COD or Killzone is the vehicles, but when the team takes em all out, and you end up re-spawning back at the base cause your team is dead, it becomes a game of i have to spend 10 minutes trying to get across the fucking map to get into the action. What makes BF4 fall on its face even more is the fact that there is no party system, meaning that you cannot launch in and out of games with your own friends, So it becomes a game of party chat and hurry and join me now cause i just found a server with open slots and this takes forever. FUCK YOU EA BF4 is a DO NOT PURCHASE GAME BECAUSE OF THIS ALONE!!!

COD GHOSTS: Fast Twitch aim assist heaven. Frame rate is good on most maps, but in the open maps it suffers with certain load out scopes. This game plays like all the other ones with better graphics but still not as good as BF4 or Killzone. Ghosts does not have enough maps or guns and load out unlocks to really make this worth the $65 it costs to play it. There are add ons now, but man does that get expensive especially when killzone gives you free maps!!!!

Conclusion: BF4 is broken Do not buy. COD Ghost buy if you are die hard COD that’s it. Killzone wins again, the party system, the unlocks, turrets and air drones and WARZONE put it way over the top. This is the must buy FPS on PS4.


Final words: Killzone feels like a step up to the next gen when compared to the last gen killzone games. It looks way better, controls way better and has finally brought its self head and shoulders above the competition. The Single player game is much better than the others. The multiplayer game is WAY WAY better, takes more skill, and is more strategic. If you just button mash and run around like rambo, stick with COD GHOSTS. If you want a true next gen FPS, KILLZONE SHADOW FALL IS THE ONLY REAL CHOICE. BF4 is BROKEN!!! STILL!!!!! DO NOT BUY IT AND FUCK EA!!!