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Simply one of the best films ever made. The story is epic. Yes it has this romance theme through out it. the good thing is that it doesn’t annoy me. This is a violent film. Very graphic in parts. This is also very tripy. I could watch this under the influence and be mesmerized by it. The voice acting on this studio gibli film is done really well. I can watch it in english and not throw up all over myself. This is not the case with a few other gibli dubs. Hats off to claire danes, gillian anderson, mini driver, and billy bob thornton. They managed to actually do a good job on the dubs. I really love the gods of the forest. And the great forest spirit is really tripped out. I love it.

What I really love, is the over all story. Man vs nature. Human kind vs the forests, and the spirits and gods of the forest. I cry when I watch movies like this. My heart really bleeds for nature. These movies really hit it home. The fact that in this fictional story, the truth of what mankind is really doing in reality, is told in this fictional story(the truth is usually in the fiction, the lies are usually in what is called the truth). Hayao Miyazaki always knows how to get the very issues I really care about. His other films are amazing as well, I previously reviewed Spirited Away which I really loved as well. The characters, the acting, the story are very strong in this anime. I give this a 5 out of 5. Go rent it or Click Here To buy the DVD.

  1. kspam Said,

    The reason the voices synched so well was that the studio actually hired Neil Gaiman (writer of such comics as the sandman and many a fantastic novel like american gods) to write the dialog that best fits in with the already done animation and also convey the plots and messages of the characters.. A really fucking well job done indeed… and a great movie

  2. deadsoul Said,

    neil gaiman was involved?! nice. i should of known that, i love the sandman books.

    yup yup, amazing story. does hit the heart with powerful connections between nature and humans.

  3. Ddraig Graphics Said,

    Simply WONDERFUL! Yes, I looked for this and Nausicaa because of seeing Spirited Away at your recommendation. Now I owns all three on DVD. I love Miyazaki’s vision and storytelling methods. According to the documentaries on the DVD’s, Miyazaki went through many trials to get these stories out and the studio up and running. Next on my list is Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve seen it and thought Billy Crystal did a great job on the fire demon Calcifer in the English dub.

    Thanks tons.

  4. vampiricmaggot Said,

    ah, i know this one, have watched this already several times


  5. darkvitae Said,

    If you liked this, you MUST watch and review Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984). It’s the first anime I ever watched as a kid (about 15 years ago), and I still watch it today. It’s really environmental and talks about how misguided men abused and decimated the Earth. Wicked good.

  6. estrie_ Said,

    princess mononoke! the deity’s are so bad assed. beautiful movie. i totally agree with this, this is a must see. i was about to say something about this movie in the sara palin topic until i saw this topic. you always hit it right on, seriously. there is beauty in everyone, and i must say, judging by your taste and what appeals to you, you must long so much to drown in your own beauty. i’m sure you’ve felt it before, and soon after lost it. don’t stop reaching, please… and don’t stop making music. it is appreciated, believe me. there is a dark beauty in each one of us, your fans, and it is increasingly difficult to find something to appease this deep need. (random comment) and watch the brothers quay stuff sometime if you havent seen any of his stuff before. it’s definitely amazing and review worthy, imho.

  7. estrie_ Said,

    wait…gaiman was involved??? thats awesome. i wish there were a decent neverwhere film out there somewhere. i hear the series isnt all that great.

  8. Porkspam Said,

    well so far he has been involved in this, stardust obviously, beowolf, neil gaiman’s short story about john bolan (great movie) and mirrormask.. as far as I know anyway.. maybe more… the death movie has been floating around for over a decade now and i hope it never gets made.. it’d just be butchered to dumb down the sandman mythos…
    as far as the neverwhere bbc series i got it coming this week from netflix so i’ll let you know.

  9. estrie_ Said,

    that’d be much, much appreciated. thank you..

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